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[WATCH] Governor Rick Snyder is a Douchebag (allegedly)


On Thursday Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan sat before the House Oversight Committee to defend his actions and inactions concerning the water crisis in the city of Flint. He appointed city manager Darnell Earley to get Flint back on its feet after years of budget shortfalls. Running out of money shouldn’t be a shock in the Rust Belt. Nor should it trigger the undermining of local democracy. In case you did not know, City Managers appointed from the Governor’s Mansion can override the decisions of local mayors and city councils. Regardless of how the townsfolk voted. Oddly < snark intended>, most of the towns under city managers in Michigan are majority/minority towns that were gutted by the loss of manufacturing in the country. This, in turn, shrank the tax base and property values.

In any event, good old Darnell & Ricky decided to use corrosive Flint River water instead of continuing to use water for from Detroit. The Flint River water was too corrosive for the coated lead pipes. Left untreated, the water caused a spike in lead in the H2O supplied to the homes in Flint. This is the genesis of the massive health crisis in the center of Genesee County.

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Watch Rick Snyder Get Stomped Out

Written by Michael Graham

Michael Graham

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[WATCH] Governor Rick Snyder is a Douchebag (allegedly)