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A Perfect Storm: Trump Calls for a 3rd Party Mash Up



Before and after Bernie’s crushing April 26th primary day losses, Trump began stating that Bernie should run as an independent because he’s “been treated terribly by the Democrats”. Despite his selfish motivations, Donald Trump is not wrong.

Trump’s “treated terribly” comments are backed up by how news media has been biased against Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Primary debate schedule was cut back, there are questionable amounts of money funneled towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Bernie Sander’s comments and record has often been distorted, identity politics rhetoric is used frivolously and incorrectly, and groups have been documenting and keeping track of data that reeks of election fraud. If Trump and Hillary win, Trump will most likely arm himself with all of these truths in effort to do the following:

The Democrat’s response will most likely be to blame anything but themselves, and they will no doubt call on Bernie to “unify” the party and stump for Hillary. However, Bernie caving to such pressure to try and support Clinton or Democrats would not save them against Trump’s inevitable obnoxious cries of “cowards!”, “bullies!”, and “rigged!” and he still won’t be wrong. This is because our two party system has used the most toxic, divisive, and ineffective rhetoric and governing methods that have polluted our political climate so badly that it can only be addressed by two options:

Remedy our noxious politics or welcome the resulting sh**storm.

The first option is embodied by the progressive agenda and consistent foresight of Bernie Sanders. The second option is embodied by Trump. After April 26th it appears the participants of this country’s two-party primary elections are itching for a Trump vs. Hillary stand-off. Whether Hillary can weather the general election storm is another issue as her foundation is weak.

Her polished rhetoric may not shield her against her and Obama’s recent comments painting election rhetoric as irrelevant. Her history of accepting money from large donors and subsequent flip-flopping may not hold up to general election scrutiny. Her “experience” may fall apart when contrasted with her lack of foresight on foreign affairs and her lack of awareness and strength on race issues.  Trump will use these truths and more to foment a storm of anger that could easily disenfranchise many voters.

Now, let’s be clear, Trump isn’t at fault for Clinton’s record because only she is responsible for her own actions. Trump is not at fault for this storm because it was born from the corrupted political establishment. This storm might even pass with an establishment candidate getting elected, but it will make sure that both parties are in shambles.

Again, we will be presented with two options:

Either heed “The Warning Shot of The Impending Revolution” or be prepared for the next storm.


Written by Q Who

Q Who

Q is an anonymous and queer, black woman exploring the convergence of engineering, tech, Pan-Africanist, political, and social spaces. She is a Researcher and Writer for Progressive Army.

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