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Thank You Bernie

Bernie Sanders at a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 26, 2015


Dear Bernie,

I want to thank you personally for running the most inspiring campaign in the history of the United States.

I want to thank you for igniting the most progressive movement in recent history.

I am calling you by your first name, because to us, you’re not one of the elites but more of a friend.

I want to thank you because unlike virtually every politician, you only ran because you cared about the country, the working class, the poor and the forgotten 99 percent. It was never about the prestige of leading the free world, but about helping everyone who lives in it.

You’ve ignited young people who passionately feel the Bern, in ways that have never been seen in history.

I want to thank you because you are the only incorruptible politician I’ve encountered in my life. You didn’t care that saying “democratic socialism” could hurt your chances because you rather tell people what you believe than telling them what they want to her.

I want to thank you for giving hope to millions and millions of Americans and give a voice to progressives who were marginalized and forgotten.

I want to thank you because you are the most successful Jewish candidate in the┬áhistory of the United States, yet you didn’t forget the plight of the Palestinian people. This is absolutely remarkable.

You taught everyone that politicians don’t have to be corrupt to serve the people.

And let me make this very clear. You didn’t lose. What you have accomplished will have effects that will last for decades. That I can promise.

But I also want to talk about myself, and what your campaign means to me personally. I was involved in politics from very early age. I volunteered, canvassed, phone banked for many campaigns. Politics was always my passion, and I became an excellent debater.

One day I was asked to be nominated for a district. But when I spoke with my wife-to-be then, she made it very clear that she couldn’t continue her relationship with me if I ran for politics. Her point was simple; all politicians are corrupt. She refused to see our family be part of a corrupt system and worried that I would be corrupted too. Based on my prior interactions with many politicians, I knew that she was absolutely right. I agreed and declined the offer for the nomination.

Then you came! An incorruptible politician who spent decades on Capitol Hill fighting for the little guy, the disadvantaged and the 99 percent. You taught me that one doesn’t have to sell their soul to the devil, so they can lead the people that elected them.

This meant the world to me, and I will forever thank you for this.

But you have a real problem in front of you. Your job is not done. Your job has just started and there are millions waiting for you to lead them. The next time politicians vote against a bill fighting money or politics, or vote against healthcare for every man, woman, and child, or vote against free college education, or vote against bills to address climate change, the political revolution that you created will primary them and replace them with better candidates that will fight for the 99 percent.

You will always be the leader. And for that, we will forever be thankful to you.

Written by Salam Morcos

Salam Morcos

Salam Morcos is a Managing Editor of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

Political activist for democracy, social justice, racial justice, women's right and human rights.

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Eric Bischoff

Well said I add my thanks too.

Norman Bates

Thank you Bernie!

Barbara Johnson


Janice McKinley

He hasn’t lost yet but thank you for the letter.#thankyouBernie ­čÖé

Catch 2020

Catch 2020

Bernie Sanders at a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 26, 2015

Thank You Bernie