Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment Secured, Now Confirmed

Dilma Rousseff

The democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff faces impeachment in Brazil’s Senate today. She is alleged to have manipulated finances to hide a deficit ahead of her re-election campaign in 2012. Rousseff denies all charges.

Antonio Carlos Valadares declared his intention to vote for the impeachment, Brazilian newspaper Folha De S. Paolo reports. The number of Senators who support impeachment is 54. That is the number of votes necessary for impeachment according to the Brazilian Constitution.

If none of the Senators change their pledge, the first woman President Dilma Rousseff will be relieved of her duties. The acting President Michel Temer will become the 37th President of Brazil.

The impeachment was condemned by many intellectuals and politicians including Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Bernie Sanders. This was described as a coup d’état.

Brazil’s largest newspaper Folha De S. Paolo which reports this story committed journalistic fraud in an attempt to boost interim President Temer.

Update: 61 Senators ended up voting for the impeachment while 20 voted against. Dilma Rousseff is now removed from office and Michel Temer became the new President of Brazil.

Written by Salam Morcos

Salam Morcos

Salam Morcos is a Managing Editor of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

Political activist for democracy, social justice, racial justice, women's right and human rights.

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Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment Secured, Now Confirmed