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Oligarchy vs. Fascism: Truth Finally Dead

Oligarchy vs. Fascism: Truth is Truly Dead

Welcome to the Brave New World. In this world, our oligarchy is in full view. The group once thought least likely to support the ruling elite have dutifully lined up. Their favored candidate is a wet dream for the one-percenters. She stands for everything the Left claimed to be against prior to this cycle – war, fracking, money in politics, etc. In some ways, this is a continuation of our love affair with the Obama Administration. We accepted so many things that were unpalatable under Bush/Cheney. Not all were his fault. But, much of it was in one way or another.

Through WikiLeaks, we are getting a view into how our oligarchy functions. We have seen how the donor class must have their ego’s stroked, how the bankers make cabinet “suggestions” for the President, how media is gamed to manufacture consent and much more. This is on the Left. We are supposed to know better.

On WikiLeaks

I want to take a minute to discuss WikiLeaks. On the Left, WikiLeaks was a go-to source for truth. This cycle is different. I am the first to admit that Julian Assange likely has some personal animus against Sec. Clinton. Wanting to drone him may have something to do with it. But, that may just be my petty nature.

WikiLeaks has won award, after award, after award. WikiLeaks and Assange won the 2009 Amnesty International Human Rights Reporting Award. Nominated for the UN Mandela Prize just last year. WikiLeaks and associated individuals have been in Nobel Prize consideration for half a decade. This is a serious organization with serious bonafides.

On the Russia spin, please read this great piece from our Editorial Board. Really don’t have anything to add to that. Not necessary.

Liberals Brought to Heel

One thing that Twitter has taught me is that the fact-averse will not believe your position no matter what data you present. They prefer to believe what is fed to them by the corporate media that has been compromised and exposed. Truly, there are plenty of sources to show that.

Here is an example: I remember douchebag Corey Lewandowski was collecting a check from CNN and the Trump campaign at the same time. The left was up-in-arms. Now that it has been shown that while Donna Brazile was a contributor to CNN, she was also working with the Clinton camp  – silence. Shhhh…

The hypocrisy just gets worse and worse. There is no way this crew is going to even try to hold an oligarchy-backed Clinton White House accountable for anything. Ever.

The Republic is in trouble.

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Written by Michael Graham

Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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Shay Davis

Gosh, I wish I could agree w/you about the animus of Assange and Clinton. True, she wanted him droned (how horrible is that???) but I’ve watched him long enough to believe he just wants to “Open Governments” like he says. He is a truth seeker and believes everyone should have the truth before making decisions, which, by the way, I happen to agree with. Thanks Michael. Again, and as always, YOU ROCK!!

Stephen Connor

Wow! That’s totally not true! Liberals are not anti-transparency. Liberals are not anti-Wikileaks or anti-Julian Assange. The title of the article is not at all reflected in the substance. The title “Oligarchy v. Fascism” is a perfect reflection of the choice that liberals are making. We have the choice of Hillary Clinton, who is, in fact, not a liberal at all; her policies tend to be to the right of old time Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower or even Richard Nixon, or on the other hand we have Donald Trump, the fascist. It isn’t that difficult. Hillary can be voted out… Read more »

Tami Cooley

“Hillary can be voted out in 4 years”……………………By then the damage will already be done the TPP will pass, do you know anything about the TPP? Once put into law there is no turning back, it’s forever and no amendments can be added..tell me how thats going to benefit our country, it should be terrifying, if its not you are voitng with blinders on…early within the four years HRC will have us into WWIII, she has already stated that she wants to issue a no fly zones in Syria, do you know what that means? Pretty much WWIII, she wants… Read more »

Tami Cooley

A shared post from Mary Honan: This is the man and the organization Clinton is trying to disparage. Wikileaks has never ever released emails that were not 100% authenticated and the awards they have won is testament to their desire for transparency and a better world. WikiLeaks, its publisher and its journalists have won many awards, including: The Economist New Media Award (2008) The Amnesty New Media Award (2009) TIME Magazine Person of the Year, People’s Choice (highest global vote) (2010) The Sam Adams Award for Integrity (2010) The National Union of Journalists Journalist of the Year (Hrafnsson) (2011) The… Read more »

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Oligarchy vs. Fascism: Truth Finally Dead