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Activists Plan ‘Tax Day’ Marches Calling for Release of Trump’s Taxes

NPR –  All the presidents since Gerald Ford have volunteered to show the public their tax returns. All of them except Donald Trump. He has said emphatically that he really wants to do it, including at a Republican primary debate in February 2016.

“Let me just tell you something. I want to release my tax returns. But I can’t release it while I’m under an audit. We’re under a routine audit. I’ve had it for years I get audited. And obviously if I’m being audited I’m not going to release a return. As soon as the audit is done — I love it.”

So here’s a way around the audit problem: The president can disclose his new return at the same time he files it — before the IRS can start an audit. Democrats have been pounding on the tax return issue.

GOP Health Care Bill Falls Apart – Again

Huffington Post – As the collapse of the GOP health care bill becomes increasingly real, Republicans are shifting from infinite negotiations to another one of Washington’s favorite pastimes: the blame game.

In a demonstration of just how deeply the House GOP conference is divided ― and just how far Republicans are from an agreement ― the question is now less when, or even whether, the House will pass a health care bill; it’s who’s fault is it that Republicans won’t.

“That seems to be the permeating question today,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee caucus, told The Huffington Post on Wednesday. “It is not the Tuesday Group’s fault.”

Sen. Kamala Harris: Gorsuch Would Do Real Harm, Especially to American Women

MIC – The U.S. Supreme Court stands across the street from the Senate where I’m proud to serve. And above its doors are the words “Equal Justice Under Law.”

United States senators have a solemn responsibility to ensure that every man and woman who sits on that court upholds our ideals and that ideal. I take that responsibility extremely seriously.

I know from personal experience just how profoundly the court’s decisions touch every aspect of Americans’ lives. Almost two decades after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, I was part of only the second class to integrate the Berkeley, California, public schools. If that court had ruled differently, I likely would not have become a lawyer, or a prosecutor, or a district attorney, or the attorney general of California, and I certainly would not be a United States senator.

Malcolm Turnbull Says ‘We Cannot and Will Not’ Stop Cutting Taxes

The Guardian – Malcolm Turnbull says his government must continue to cut taxes so that it can keep Australia globally competitive.

Turnbull used a speech to the Sydney Institute on Thursday night, before a visit to Papua New Guinea and India, to declare the government needs to keep moving on tax competitiveness after achieving a tax cut for businesses with turnovers up to $50m.

“We have now delivered every tax cut promised for this term of government – just as we set out at the election,” the prime minister said. “But we cannot and will not stop here. Globalisation means we compete with the whole world for investment.”

ISIS Kills 33 Execution-Style in Syria; 22 in Iraq Attack

CNN – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the terror organization carried out the mass killing in the the al-Mayadin desert near the strategic city of Deir Ezzor on Wednesday morning, it said, adding that its activists were “able to monitor” the incident.

The London-based monitoring group called it “the largest execution operation carried out by the Islamic State organization in 2017.” The report said the people were between ages 18 and 25 and were “killed by sharp tools.” It added that it is unknown whether the victims were Syrian government forces, allied militia or rebel factions.

Iraq killings.

The report came as ISIS killed at least 22 people in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, also on Wednesday.

As Thousands Flee South Sudan, Ugandan Refugee Camp Becomes World’s Largest

NPR – As soon as you set foot in any of the refugee camps along the South Sudan border in Uganda, a vast human suffering becomes easily apparent. We explored some of the personal stories of people fleeing this young country’s conflict in a story over at Goats and Soda, but it’s hard to express the scale of this conflict, which has killed more than 50,000 people since the end of 2013. What began as a dispute between the president and vice president has turned into a brutal civil war fueled by ethnic tensions.

The U.N. has been using alarming superlatives to describe it. It has said sexual violence in the conflict has reached “epic proportions,” that the humanitarian needs have reached “unprecedented levels.” Last month, it warned that the conflict in South Sudan has precipitated the “world’s fastest growing” refugee crisis. On Tuesday alone, 3,000 people streamed across the border into Uganda, which already hosts at least 800,000 refugees.

Written by Pamela Getz

Pamela Getz

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SPLASH! News for April 6, 2017