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[WATCH] “Where are They Now” – Bernie National Delegate: Trent Champ

“The Power of this Movement is the Integrity of the People”

Trent Champ
Image from Trent Champ's campaign Facebook page.

Meet Trent Champ, Bernie National Delegate and Senate Candidate 2018

Our Series on Progressives at the Local Level.

As a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders myself, I woke up, after a long period of mourning and PTSD (yes really) from the DNC, wondering “where are they now?” As in, my fellow Bernie delegates.

I decided to find out!

My interview with Trent Champ is the first in what will be a long series of interviews.

Trent has a fascinating story around his experience at the DNC and how, as a lifelong pacifist, he was told he would never be able to run for office as a Democrat after publicly voting for Jill Stein in the general election.

This is in the rules of the party that if you occupy any office in the Democratic party you “have” to tow the party line. Hmmmm. Did you know that before? I didn’t.

Is that democratic? If the candidate is already chosen is the contract as a National Delegate valid?

Trent then #Demexited.

Trent speaks about his own experience at the DNC that included spitting, signs being spoken about, and more.

He goes on to speak about his decision to run for the Senate as an Independent and an activist. And how his experience during the grassroots Bernie campaign leads him to believe that it can be done as there are so many independents in his district (and Texas as a whole).

Champ isn’t in this for a long-term political career, or to go along to get along, he’s in this to take a stand for his beliefs and ideals. So Champ is representing the progressive movement even though he would rather be in the background managing other campaigns. Maybe that will be you in the next election?

Makes you think huh? How many more of us should stand up and run? I don’t mean only Bernie National Delegates.

The joy of this interview is that Champ is totally honest and open and has immense integrity. We need more of this in politics.

Please watch it all and if you live in Texas please watch out for Champ. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and on his website. Support him when he needs to collect signatures and follow him. He is an amazing guy.

And he loves Rogue One so how does it get any better than that?

Written by Louise Edington

Louise Edington

Louise Edington is a Writer for Progressive Army. Other work from her can be found on Medium. Follow her on Twitter @LouiseEdington.

Louise is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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[…] Army – As a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders myself, I woke up, after a long period of mourning and PTSD (yes really) from the DNC, wondering “where […]


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Trent Champ

[WATCH] “Where are They Now” – Bernie National Delegate: Trent Champ