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Meet Benjamin Wolf, 2018 Candidate for Illinois Fifth District

Our Series on Candidates Running in 2018

Benjamin Wolf

You know that you’re dealing with a serious grassroots candidate when you do research on them one night with plans to contact them for an interview, and then run into them the next day canvassing on the street. This is how I met Benjamin Thomas Wolf, a progressive Democrat running for Illinois 5th Congressional district.

Wolf knew he had to run back in February 2016 when the Chicago Tribune failed to endorse Democratic incumbent Mike Quigley for the 5th district. He has the proof hanging by tape in his office, the words “no endorsement” highlighted. The Tribune was looking for somebody new, but more importantly, he could tell the people of the Illinois 5th were as well. Every day since the launch of his campaign, a year later, he has been actively connecting with his neighbors and the larger community, listening to what they want in a Representative. You can find him Tuesday nights at his restaurant “Park and Feild’s” having a political conversation and a beer with guests till late.

Democrat Mike Quigley, a centrist Democrat, is serving his 5th term as a Congressman and was entirely unopposed until Benjamin Wolf announced his candidacy. The two met once according to Wolf, but Quigley said nothing to him.

Truth be told, Wolf really has his eyes on every day after the vote. “This election is the obstacle, then you get to Washington and that’s when the real work begins.”

His first time in Washington at 18 was to complete a university fellowship. This led to an interview and job with the FBI as a foreign service officer. Wolf claimed to have worked on some of the most classified investigations. He claims to be the first FBI responder when disaster struck at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Wolf later talked about serving as a foreign service officer on various diplomatic missions in the State Department. He lived for several years throughout the Middle East and North Africa. He chose to forgo his safety to address human rights and security issues from the war zone itself. Serving in Iraq, he admits that he and others began questioning America’s real intent behind the occupation and could not help but understand the distaste that local populations have for American imperialism.

When he gets back to Washington, Wolf says that he will advocate for the progressive agenda that an increasing number of Americans are calling for but much fewer politicians have embraced. The role of America abroad, environmental protection, single-payer health care, proper funding for education, unionized labor, privacy rights, and plenty more make the core of his platform. He is more progressive than Senator Bernie Sanders when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, calling for the immediate disengagement of all U.S. military personnel deployed there.

Benjamin Wolf is running his campaign how they are meant to be: getting out on the street to talk to voters, going door to door, phone banking, attending neighborhood meetings, asking for small donations, and sticking values even when it’s hard. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) will only make it harder for him by flooding Mike Quigley’s campaign with money as the race heats up. Wolf’s response to that is “we can’t outspend him, so we’re going to outwork him.”

The barrier between the public and public servants must be brought crashing down. Our laws are being made by this separate class which deals with money and power. We are doing ourselves a disservice if we allow any seat to go unchallenged in 2018. Failing to erase the Republican majority in the house locks us in with two more years of Trump’s catastrophic steamroller. The Democratic Party establishment has proven its inability to govern as it has lost 1,000 seats during the Obama years. It’s time for us as citizens not just to ask for what we need, but to take what we need. The Illinois 5th Congressional district needs Benjamin Wolf and the whole country needs hundreds more like him.

Written by Hank Jirousek

Hank Jirousek

The rhetorical baby-faced killer: Chicago-based.

Hank Jirousek is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Mary Kay Coates

Benjamin Wolf has been banned from several yoga studios in the city of Chicago for soliciting women repeatedly. If you question him about it, he blocks you or removes your comment. More importantly, he is a Breitbart-type conservative. Notice his original logo was the same as a well-recognized white power emblem. He says he’s a Justice Democrat but is nowhere to be found on their official site. I’d suggest digging around on what this shyster’s been claiming. But don’t ask him directly–you will get BLOCKED! LOLZ

Investigative journalism truly is dead. It is incredible how you just lap up all the BS Mr. Wolf feeds you. Have you reached out to any agents he worked with to verify his story? I worked with him personally and his website has been passed around the State Department, for entertainment purposes and out of disgust. He was not a Foreign Service Officer – you have to pass the Foreign Service Exam for that – he was a low level Diplomatic Security Agent, State Dept version a Secret Service Agent. He never worked on any “Human Rights Issues” or sat… Read more »
5th district neighbor
5th district neighbor
Yup. I glanced at his website for 2 seconds and could figure out he was a DS Agent, not a Foreign Service Officer like he wants everyone to believe. Not to mention, pretty much ANYONE can get the diplomatic title of ‘attache’ at an embassy. Does not make you special, dude. Nor does working UNGA (or as he puts it, UN liaison). Every Special Agent even the most junior works the UN general assembly. Plus the photos on his website, trying to make him look like James Bond. Get over yourself! Would love to know what he did to lose… Read more »
5th district neighbor
5th district neighbor

PS. To ‘RSO’ – I agree it is insulting to other DS Agents that he refuses to put his true job title on his website. DS agents do extraordinary work. I also find it insulting to FSO’s that he is representing himself as one. Thank you for your comment and outing his past misconduct – not surprised AT ALL.

Might want to look into him more closely – he’s blocking everyone who disagrees with him on FB and twitter (some kind of transparency there). Talk to people who know him – he lost security clearance from state dept and generally lies on his resume. Talk to DePaul security. He’s not allowed on campus b/c he’s violent. Talk to his exes about domestic violence and rape. Question why his first profile was with the most conservative rag (think Breitbart for Chicago) and ask people who have known him decades if he’s actually conservative. Do some actual research into this guy.… Read more »
5th district neighbor
5th district neighbor

Thank you! This douche is trying to represent my district, and just finding out about him now. NOT voting for him and will try to spread the word about his b.s.

Jessica Droeger
This guy has exaggerated and possibly fabricated much of his bio. He is NOT a “professor of international human relations.” Talk to Roosevelt where he says he works. He is listed as adjunct faculty (not as a professor) and the area listed is Criminal Justice. One of his staff members told me a couple months ago that the grant that paid his stipend (as a mentor and not a teacher) had run out and wasn’t yet renewed. He makes a lot of claims (like being a first responder) that he won’t (or can’t) back up. And as others have said,… Read more »

I’ve also asked questions and found myself blocked on both twitter and facebook. Looks like he’s now locked down his twitter profile to further prevent any questions. He’s incredibly shady – Any future profiles done of him really should do more than scratch the surface of what he says about himself.


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Meet Benjamin Wolf, 2018 Candidate for Illinois Fifth District