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Letter to the Editor: Bernie Is Wrong To Support Pro-Life Candidates

Kiran Opal

Editor’s Note: At the Progressive Army, we strongly value the views of our readers. This was a response to Benjamin Dixon’s video: Ridiculous Salon Article Claims Bernie is Bad on Abortion Rights.  

Yes, Bernie is bad on abortion rights. Recently his organization, Our Revolution announced a new policy, that all politics are local. This supports his recent endorsement of Mello, an anti-choice state representative with many bad votes on women’s reproductive freedoms. Together with Tom Perez (who has since come to his senses), Bernie and the local Democrats in Omaha endorsed this guy, cause the possibility of a “win” was worth throwing the rights of women under the bus.

What is next? Will the Democrats/Bernie/Our Revolution now endorse slave owners in southern states, and endorse anti-environment candidates in coal country? Will donors of any magnitude now decide what the platform for endorsement is? Rumor has it the Catholic Bennett clan wants to be mega-donors, but they insist the part include anti-choice folks as progressives.

What is progressive about telling women what they can and can not do with their bodies?

We don’t care what anyone’s personal beliefs are – we want to know if a candidate is going to walk the talk to defend women’s rights, not just say they will support Roe v Wade as long as it’s the law. There are serious threats to reproductive freedoms. That is what the original purpose of the January Women’s March was all about.  20 million people marched. Did Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, and Durbin somehow not understand? And just why after 50 years of working for and defending women’s reproductive options, are these senators now willing to abandon women?

Political expediency is an ugly truth, and creates a meaningless victory.  Clearly, the Democratic Party endorsement no longer means anything.  Every woman for herself.

C Holden, Taos NM

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He stood his ass up in front of Liberty University and defended choice. You guys have jumped the shark. Seriously.


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Letter to the Editor: Bernie Is Wrong To Support Pro-Life Candidates