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    Mary Norwood Makes Reckless Voting Allegations

    Atlanta Mayoral candidate Mary Norwood has alleged that she has received reports of voting issues and “intimidation” in connection with the December 5th runoff election. Many voters have come forward to describe the administrative problems and voter intimidation that occurred on Election Day. If you experienced a problem when you cast your vote, contact the Secretary […]

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    Abuse of Power

    I am a victim of power. In my childhood, and as an adult, I am a victim of power. As my father came at me with the rage I had felt regularly in my life by the age of five years old, his tongue folded in between his upper and lower teeth, and a look […]

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    Trump Says: Jerusalem

    On December 6th President Trump announced, to much global ire, that he would be moving the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A comical side-note: Trump makes a dramatic and superficial announcement which raises global opposition at the same time as his Muslim ban is solidified in the Supreme Court, and […]

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    Abuse Against Women is Not a Political Bargaining Chip

    On December 7th, Republican Congressman Trent Franks was forced to resign after two female staff members accused him of asking them to be surrogates for his children. Franks response, “I clearly became insensitive as to how the discussion of such an intensely personal topic might affect others.” November 20th, Democratic Congressman John Conyers was forced […]

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    Neoliberalism Is Capitalism’s Shadow

    “I think it’s possible that you can make a better capitalism than that which currently exists. But not by much. The fundamental problems are actually so deep right now that there is no way that we are going to go anywhere without a very strong anticapitalist movement. So I would want to put things in […]

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    How Ivanka Trump Became America’s Sweetheart Hypocrite

    On Tuesday, November 28, 2017, in India’s city of Hyderabad, Ivanka Trump, fashion CEO, official White House adviser and daughter to the United States’ President, gave a speech at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit endorsing female empowerment. Addressing around 150 countries’ representatives, Trump’s keynote, curiously themed “Women First, Prosperity for All”, declared: “We must ensure that […]

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    Kamala Who-rris?

    I like to keep an eye on the odds regarding who will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020. Mostly, I am just waiting for The Rock’s name to appear on the list. It hasn’t yet, though Mark Zuckerberg is on there. This week, a new leader atop the board: California Senator Kamala Harris. […]