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    White Supremacy and Capitalism: The Two-Headed Dragon that Must Be Slain

    In a quest to colonize the “New World,” the genocide of indigenous peoples became our nation’s original sin. White supremacy and capitalism were then built upon this rotten foundation. These two parasitic abominations emerged simultaneously in American society; let’s dismantle them simultaneously as well. A four-decade onslaught of neoliberal Reaganomics has decimated the American poor and working […]

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    Google Censorship

    “I don’t believe anything coming out of mainstream media anymore. I don’t believe anything they say. And the problem here is if they ever do say something true, nobody’s going to believe them – because their track record is so bad.” – Trump supporter, August 2, 2018.   Not quite what the mainstream media had […]

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    Ethical Jews Reject Zionism

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government has abandoned any façade of democracy and liberalism and is effectively exposing Zionism as a racist and nationalistic project rooted in white supremacy, settler colonialism, and 19th-century European fascism. This has led to a profound crisis for Israel, which seeks to conflate Zionist interests with Jewish interests and values and is […]

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    Luxury Space Communism

    A few years ago, a letter appeared in the form of an article on Politico. It was from a billionaire to his fellow billionaires on the subject of inequality. After listing off his companies, his yachts, private jets, mansions, and so on – establishing his credentials, I suppose – he offered an ominous warning: “Unless […]

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    Iron Curtain Champions

    For most of human history, the concept of single-combat has existed – one champion vs. one champion to settle a larger dispute. The premise: rather than fighting a full-scale war over a territorial or otherwise political disagreement, during which many people would surely die, each side in the conflict would choose a champion, their greatest […]

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    Roe; Wade; Sink

    We are wading now into levels of irony not previously seen. Is it possible, after fifty-plus years, it will be Democrats who put the final nails in the conservative fantasy of a Roe v. Wade coffin? We are at the crescendo of the long-game, the culmination of a decades-long plan by conservative radicals to stack […]

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    But Our Chains

    Read Part One here. When it comes to real transformation, it has become apparent that today’s progressives are just like yesterday’s liberals, and they will only go as hard for an issue as it cuts into their own lives, and will not examine or build around the broader issues that affect other lives. They will throw […]