• The Ghosts of Ayotzinapa Return to Haunt Enrique Peña Nieto

    On the night of September 26, 2014, some 43 students from the rural teaching school of Ayotzinapa were disappeared in the city of Iguala, Guerrero while commandeering buses to attend a protest in Mexico City to commemorate the 1968 student massacre. The Peña Nieto administration – in a version of events that then-Attorney General Jesús […]

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    God Help America

    I am in the woods. The air is fresh and earthy, but this does not lessen the stench of debauchery that comes from bad weather and a full bar. These are the type of people who swim naked in the lake because they don’t want to get their bathing suit wet. My kind of people? […]

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    Vice Chairperson of the Libertarian National Committee Invites Racists to Join the Libertarian Party

    Arvin Vohra, the Vice Chairperson of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) and U.S. Senate candidate posted several racist remarks onto his Facebook page during a 24-hour period. Vohra’s statements include: “Taxation is theft. Racism is just an irrelevant opinion. #TaxationIsWorseThanRacism” “Racism is bad. Statism is worse.” “Should we [libertarians] welcome White Supremacists?” “I’ll take a […]

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    (Another) Bank Bonanza

    Look at the faces of the people in this photograph. Members of Congress huddle around the President as he signs into law a bill weakening and/or repealing the bank regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act — the post-financial meltdown legislation which, we are told, is … was … protecting us from the dangerous banking industry practices […]

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    The Great Divide

    As I tried to call Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office to attempt to get some information on a subject of hers that she allegedly fights for, I was casually dismissed by some incompetent intern and told to email it in. That would be fine if it were not time sensitive and of some importance. What could […]

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    Epic vs Lewis and the Future of Labor

    In 2008, Sheila Hobson began working at an Alabama gas station owned by Murphy Oil, a chain that operates in several states. There, she was regularly denied overtime and required, without pay, to drive around town, surveying the competition. “It just hit me,” she told Reuters. “This is not right. I’m working off the clock.” In […]

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    Poor People’s Campaign

    I sometimes wonder how far you can push people. We, like previous generations, tend to believe we are living at the pinnacle of human history; that we have crossed the finish line on certain genres of ideological thought; that things like capitalism and representative democracy will constitute how human beings are organized forevermore. Barring nuclear […]

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    Nina Turner and Our Revolution Are a Progressive Game Changer

    In a rush to crap on the rising star Our Revolution, Politico put out a lame hit piece. Attempting to not only undermine the organization’s work but discredit the current President Nina Turner, Politico’s Chief political correspondent drones on about issues and alleged concerns without context, or even understanding, for the space allegedly being critiqued. […]

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    William Perry’s Post About Abrams is Creative Writing At Best

    Editor’s Note: This article is a preview of an article published on The Peach Perspective. Self-appointed Georgia Ethics WatchDog, William Perry penned a post of 10 alleged ethical issues that should prevent Abrams from becoming Governor. It really must suck to be bitter and petty while backing a losing candidate. Latest polls show Stacey Evans still […]