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WATCH: How The Middle Class Gets Screwed (VIDEO)

How the middle class gets screwed

Middle-class and working poor Americans that vote against their own economic best interest is an ongoing phenomenon that many have tried to understand and explain.

This video captures the simplicity of using anger and frustration to keep voters distracted from the institutional factors that have contributed to their economic plight.

Very simply put: so long as politicians can continue making Middle-class Americans believe that their problems are do to the government giving “hand outs” to the poor they will always be able to keep those same people voting against policies that would help remedy their own situation.

This, combined with the American delusion that all one has to do to succeed is work harder, are useful propagandistic tools to keep the vast majority of Americans focusing their anger towards the poor and never towards the neoliberal policies that institutionalize poverty, rabid consumerism, and extracting every penny and possible hour of labor.

Watch: How The Middle Class Gets Screwed


Editor’s Note: This article was published before the Progressive Army Editorial Board had formed and has not been reviewed at this time for adherence to current Progressive Army Editorial Standards.

Written by Benjamin Dixon

Benjamin Dixon is the Editor in Chief of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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How the middle class gets screwed

WATCH: How The Middle Class Gets Screwed (VIDEO)