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Bill Clinton’s Disappearing Act!

The Hillary Clinton campaign must wonder “where has the magic of Bill Clinton gone?” It seems that after much fanfare, it was time to bring out the BIG GUNS. Political pundits were dispatched, sharing across every media platform:

“Bill Clinton is about to seal the deal for Hillary!”

“Bernie, O’Malley… even the Republicans need to get ready, because when Bill speaks–

it’s like ABRACADABRA… HOCUS POCUS… simply magic!”

However, after Hillary pursued Donald Trump about sexism, only for ‘The Don’ to fire back about her own husband’s well-documented escapades, hmmm… where is Bill Clinton today?  Inquiring minds want to know because it seems he is absolutely nowhere to be found in New Hampshire.  POOF!

Albert Hunt of Bloomberg published an opinion article in the Chicago Tribune, stating: “By assailing Hillary Clinton for supposedly enabling her husband’s sexual peccadilloes two decades ago, Donald Trump might gain some ground with his party’s hardcore, Clinton-hating base. But it certainly won’t hurt Bill Clinton; it might even help Hillary with women who resent seeing her blamed for her husband’s infidelities by Trump, who could also face criticism for moral failings.”

Here we are, moments later– and guess what?   No Bill.

No more Trump questions, no more articles questioning whether or not Hillary assisted her husband in covering up his indiscretions, nothing.

Like magic, Bill Clinton has disappeared–completely!  He may be out on the trail, but there is no news or media coverage anywhere to be found about him pushing his wife’s bid to become president. Presto! Chango! Gone.

Has Bill lost his mojo with the Democratic base? Have his past indiscretions come home to roost?

In this new political climate, have political correctness and discretion finally sidelined Hillary’s secret weapon?

We have a long season in front of us, and in politics– the winds of change come quickly.  But for now, I have a funny feeling we will see more of Chelsea than her famous father for the foreseeable weeks and months to come.

Yep, I said it! Bill Clinton has gone. POOF! MAGIC!

Written by JP Rankin

JP Rankin is a Contributor to Progressive Army.


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Bill Clinton’s Disappearing Act!