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The End Of Feminism

The statements that have come out in the recent week about feminism have shaken my trust “issues” to the core.  Women that I have admired through the decades have come out of the woodwork to betray me.  Yes, me, a freaking woman! Women who fought for the cause of women, who were not that many years ago (the fight still rages) considered inferior to men.  Women who have been our champions for more years than even I can remember, and I’m 62.  It was a sobering inside look to their integrity and their honesty. I’m literally appalled. Yes, I am referring to the statements of Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem.

Apparently, Albright has been saying this type of thing for years, or so the claims say, however, this is the first time I am being introduced to this rhetoric as it applies to other women with a differing opinion.  Is this the type of tactic the desperate Clinton campaign is offering up now? Scare tactics barely distinguishable from the type used by Fox News? I am offended and disheartened at this poor attempt at bashing by my own political party.  If their end result was to get more women to support Hillary Clinton, this was most certainly NOT the way to get it.

This narrative minimalizes women in both statements to assume that we think only with our sex organs and have the common sense to do little else, so they must tell us.  They totally dismiss that women have the intelligence to open our eyes and see the issues for what they are.  They dismiss that some of us vote on policy and issues, not just the sex of the candidate.  I’m not voting for Carly Fiorina, either.  Would I love to see a woman president? Of course! I would love Elizabeth Warren, but I’m willing to wait. Issues, remember?

In one statement, both of these women have trashed every woman’s issue that they championed. These two simple campaign missteps not only denigrate women of opinion but also do nothing in promoting women’s causes.  In fact, in my view, this sets us back about three decades and all for a campaign smear?  Do they believe women who differ in opinion on issues and policies should just roll over and play the game because they say so? That would fly in the face of everything they have been touting since the bra-burning counterculture days of the 60’s and 70’s.  I’m not prepared to go backward and it makes me curious as to why they would want to.

So now, all you women that have an honest opinion on issues and policy that just happen to differ from the establishment, you no longer have old and trusted feminists by your side unless you are willing to capitulate.  Decades ago, we fought a revolution for women’s rights. It is a sad day when those who were the biggest representation of those rights have now stooped to threats and insulting other women’s intelligence.

Apparently, we seem to be waging the same war and now allies that we trusted through the years have come to show their disingenuousness.  We are engaged in a different revolution to protect our democracy from this very establishment that uses a cudgel and money to beat us into our place.  The new revolution has come and it would appear that we are now fighting it on every front.  I say Viva la revolución!




Written by Kat Godspell

RN for 26 years. I have watched my wages stagnate over 10 of those years and now retired. Mother and grandmother, now single. On Social Security.

Kat Godspell has been a member of Progressive Army since 2015.

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