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[WATCH] Race: The Legacy of Political and Social Cowardice

ben on cnn
ben on cnn

Truth is the first casualty of war. The modern Conservative Movement has been at war with social advances since the inception of the Civil Rights Movement. In each battle “truth” & “fact” are hotly contested territory. They are a luxury that is often dispensed with at the earliest possible convenience. Fairytale is the coin of the rhetorical realm. This style of combat is enabled by a complacent and complicit class of social and political elites.

Recently, an educational video concerning the plight of Black people in America has come under fire. While it does not explicitly indict policy & politicians, it is still effective in conveying the issues at hand. Some parents feel that the 4-minute film elicits “white guilt”. In any other context, that is called compassion. But, I digress. Still others say it evokes “white resentment”. The centering of both these concerns is problematic. The erasure of Black points of view is standard in conversations about race. Pushback is necessary and should be frequent & fierce.

The fight to maintain & advance Civil Rights has been left in the hands of political cowards for far too long. Those that speak the truth are marginalised. Those that lie and obfuscate (both sides do it) are well compensated and accepted. Not rocking the boat was the order of the day. In the era of Black Lives Matter, truth is making a comeback.

Conservative views, propaganda and rhetoric have disarmed many. Black children are better served if they know the actual history of our nation, the resultant obstacles and strategies to defeat those obstructions. This method is how we best prepare our young people for life. By extension, the entire country is improved. Blinders & bootstraps are bullsh*t non-solutions from the old school. Encountering unseen obstructions without a plan to get beyond them is a recipe for disaster for our young people. It’s parental & communal malpractice.

This video features author & founder of ProgressiveArmy.com, Benjamin Dixon vs. Vanderbilt professor, Carol Swain. It serves as a striking example of old school vs. new school. On CNN’s “Smerconish”, we see a truthteller face off with someone from the complacent/complicit class. Professor Swain seems more concerned about potentially resentful White children than informed, empowered Black children–giving power to the lie. Mr. Dixon quickly rebuffed Professor Swain’s arguments. Apparently, she has never watched the Benjamin Dixon Show. Perhaps she will next time.

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Watch the debate and form your own opinion:

Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. That’s a Hillary Supporter! Life for Blacks has NOT CHANGED in America! Yes, there a FEW Blacks that’s comfortable, but overall, BLACKS ARE STILL MARGINALIZED, and DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!

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ben on cnn

[WATCH] Race: The Legacy of Political and Social Cowardice