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Michigan Democratic Primary Results Breakdown

Hillary Clinton may have won Michigan against Barack Obama in 2008, but Bernie Sanders was able to narrowly defeat her in that State on Tuesday, March 8th. Polls just two weeks prior had Sanders losing Michigan by anywhere from 11-38%, so even a small win shows the momentum Bernie Sanders supporters have been building is successful.

Bernie won 65 delegates out of Michigan to Hillary’s 58, but the contest meant more than delegates to the surging Sanders campaign. This victory showed demographic inroads the Sanders revolution has been hopeful to make. While Clinton still captured a large majority of African American voters, Bernie cut into that percentage better than previous states and continued to win young African American voters. Young voters broke for Bernie by 82%. He dominated the Muslim vote 59% to Hillary’s 39%. Independents continue to support Bernie much more than Hillary, 71% to 28% in Michigan. The quintessential liberal base of the Democratic Party also chose Sander, 54% to 46%.

As primary contests move away from the South and into more traditional Democratic Party strongholds, it will be interesting to see how these trends continue. Can Sanders and the revolution behind him continue to defy polling, and get their message out from behind a media firewall that protects Hillary Clinton? Time will tell, but Sanders supporters certainly don’t seem to be curbing their enthusiasm for their favorite Larry David character.

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Michigan Democratic Primary Results Breakdown