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[WATCH] ISIS Charged with Genocide (Video)

US Secretary of State John Kerry officially charged Daesh/ISIS with genocide today. Since ISIS became permanent fixture on my Progressive television as the “Bogeyman du jour.” They have been up to all types of mayhem & madness.

They have taken over large swaths of land in Iraq & Syria trying to create a caliphate. The size of their territory ebbs & flows based on how well they do against the multi-faction coalition they face daily. That coalition is a hodgepodge of factions that often resembles the Keystone Cops on the battlefield.

However, make no mistake about the danger that ISIS poses in the region. They have a fascistic brand of Islam that is very aggressive & it is spreading. Nearly all wars boil down to power & resources. This fight is no different. Religion is just the uniform. They seek control over women, land & money. Perhaps, in that order. The religion piece is a rallying cry & a method of social control. It is very effective. But, it is nothing more than that.

It is unclear what the charge of genocide will accomplish or what it is meant to accomplish. Only time will tell.

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Watch SoS Kerry Discuss ISIS Genocide

Written by Michael Graham

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[WATCH] ISIS Charged with Genocide (Video)