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[WATCH] President Obama and Business in Cuba


President Barack Obama is the first American president to travel to Cuba in decades. The thawing of relations with the island nation is among the signature achievements of this administration. Cuba joins China and other former Soviet allies and client states to come into the US orbit. The president wants this change to stick and is taking great pains to keep the lines of communication & commerce open. American businesses are seeking an early foothold in Havana and beyond. Among them are Pepsi, Caterpillar and Marriot.

To this end, POTUS is bringing CEOs along with him on this Cuba trip. He knows once Cuban Pesos start being exchanged for American Dollars the doors will remain open. If not off the hinges, never to be used again. Americans broadly see open relations with Cuba in a positive light and feel the former relationship is a Cold War relic that can and should be changed. This new relationship will have many positive outcomes. As with any decision that emanates from the White House, there are people that believe that Cuba is our “enemy and that they are our enemies for a reason” and they should stay that way.

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Watch Cuba Business with President Obama

Written by Michael Redwine

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[WATCH] President Obama and Business in Cuba