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[WATCH] Brussels Terror Attacks


Tuesday morning in the international city of Brussels, Belgium; terror struck. A coordinated attack by what appears to be a ISIS-affiliated terror cell based in Europe. The Brussels suburbs Zaventem and Maelbeek were directly targeted. At the time of this writing, 31 people from several nations have been declared dead and over 150 wounded. There were a total of three blasts- two at the airport (Zaventem) and one at a train station (Maelbeek) near European Union institutions. It is being reported that several terrorists opened fire at Zaventem Airport before detonating explosive belts. This attack prompted higher alert statuses all over Europe.

This attack come less than a week after the capture of Salah Abdeslam, the last of the Paris attackers, in Brussels after a manhunt lasting four months. It is not yet confirmed if today’s attacks are connected to Abdeslam’s capture.

On a personal note, I spent around a decade of my life in the BENELUX region, in and out of the military. I lived in Brussels for a short time in the suburb of Evere. I have many friends and family in Europe and my heart goes out to them and hope to see them soon. I caution peace and patience while law enforcement and intelligence assets root out the remainder of this threat to the region. To them I say “Much Love from me and mine here in the US.” Our hearts are with you and I am a phone call away.

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WATCH Brussels Terror Attacks


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[WATCH] Brussels Terror Attacks