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[WATCH] Winning with Metrics: Community Colleges in California


When we hear the words “metrics” or “data analysis”  in college many feel the urge to run screaming out the door. We mostly settle for our eyes glazing over temporarily. Then get on with the task at hand. Sort of like writing this article. Though, I must admit that I found this subject fascinating.

The California Community Colleges Office of the Chancellor are linking higher education, vocational training and career field projection with student workforce training success. Outcomes beyond graduation or completion rates- salary, wage increases & employment. Office of Chancellor is taking a closer look at the full range of training & education pathways. Colleges group students into three categories:

  • Skilling- those who are just getting started on their higher education journey.
  • Reskilling- students looking to change their career field through higher ed.
  • Upskilling- people looking to improve or augment their skills sets in their chosen field.

The colleges are also using their system to track impacts on local and state economies. Most students start postsecondary education with only one or two courses. Students seem to complete these courses with excellent grades,  which shows keen interest and that they are mastering the subject matter. Even more exciting, these students see high-income gains. Some great use of data here.

Colleges: More Comprehensive Measures of Workforce Training Success

Written by Michael Redwine

I write about current events and the intersection of education, innovation and entrepreneurship for http://progressivearmy.com.

Michael Redwine is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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[WATCH] Winning with Metrics: Community Colleges in California