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Entrepreneur Homework 2: Disruptive Innovation


In this 4-part series, we have discussed protecting your bright ideas. Now we will move on to the Disruptive Innovation.

Most people think of ideas as something organic. You just wake up one morning or you see a challenge and suddenly the light bulb appears over your head- EUREKA!!! While some people are lucky enough to have a beautiful mind that works like that, the rest of us need a more structured approach.

Disruptive Innovation is about elegant solutions to complex problems answering a question. It lies within the challenges. Embrace them. Sometimes the answer has been staring everyone in the face the entire time. Then all that is required is a “eureka moment.” It is important to have a framework that separates “ideas” from “disruptive innovation.”

Innovation can and should come from anyone. From a child to a Fortune 500 CEO. That one great idea, your great idea could change the world. Or it could make one person’s life a little easier. Seek out the everyday challenges and answer those questions. That is where innovation is born.

As before, this article doesn’t have all the answers. It is a good start, however. Do your homework & seek professional assistance when you are ready.

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Entrepreneur Homework 2: Disruptive Innovation