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Land of the Free? Think Again.

I just got back from a 10 day trip to Ireland.  As my daughter and I rolled along the quaint countryside, peering out of our little “roller skate” of a car, we could see cows and sheep grazing all over the country from east to west. Chickens were also on the loose. We saw huge wind turbines for clean energy and the people couldn’t have been any nicer.  Our food was real and fresh. The taste was beyond fabulous and reminded me of when I was a kid in the 50’s before GMO’s, pesticide poisoning, and corporate farming. We also noted that there were no skyscrapers.

People walked around and talked to each other.  I don’t recall a single native there with their face stuck to an electronic device. The clincher came when, at the bar drinking a great Irish whiskey, the talk turned to “What, in the name of heaven, is happening in the US?” referring to our politics.

This was the second time in my life that I had been out of the country during an election season and had to apologize for the ignorance of the American people. The other time was when I was in Peru and Bush got elected for his second term, much to the dismay of the people I encountered that were from other countries. My rant is just getting started.

When politicians can openly walk into polling places and campaign, thereby breaking the law with impunity (Bill Clinton in Massachusetts). When elections can be blatantly thrown and manipulated to make sure the people do not have a say (referring to Arizona). When politicians can get up on a stage in a debate and knowingly lie without a care and still declare themselves for family values and state their love for God. All the while taking millions from corporate shills instead of caring for those in need that they are supposed to represent. I just want to wretch. When they can defund public works like schools, prisons, and water sources so they can bring in bloated corporate, unregulated overseers to cut services even more. Just so profits can soar benefitting from the huge golden parachutes and Cayman Island retreats. And when our food becomes corporate farming, brutalizing animals, feeding them who knows what and poisoning our water for profits, yet no one blinks an eye.

Unarmed people of color can be murdered in the streets and “affluenza” means you get a “get out of jail” free card. Mass shootings are almost a weekly, if not daily, occurrence with a cry out for more guns but the cries for better mental health care go unheeded. Minor revolts are squashed and spun in the media with a brush of demonizing and  “Anti-American” blather to hide the fact that we are ALL being taken for a grand ride and the joke is on us.

Tom Purcell is a Republican, but I have to agree with much of what he says in this article. Though he seems to like what we, the populace, would otherwise call slavery. (Working longer hours for less pay, no unions, no benefits, and then wondering why they need government assistance.) He still has a valid point on where this country is headed.

What astounds me even more, is that the truly suffering seem to be asleep at the wheel. Perhaps there is a reason for even that.  Working three jobs, trying to take care of children, and then wondering if you can have their teeth fixed because you have no clue where the money is coming from leaves precious little time to actually research candidates.  Even if this beleaguered slice of Americana could even find time to “research”, they get a steady stream of nothing other than propaganda from corporate run news stations that profit from keeping their audience in the dark about the evil behind the curtain running the real show. In other words, the American people today are being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed crap.

Yes, there very well may be an uptick in those people that can, scoping out other countries in which to live now.  I know I’m most certainly one.  At this point, if we elect another round of more of the same or even worse, I will be moving to Ireland.  I will realize at that point, the people don’t get it and we are no longer a free country.  We are merely slaves being allowed to work here for corporate interests.  It no longer has anything to do with the people.  Our country in no way remotely resembles what our founding forefathers had envisioned.  It’s now the big lie and everyone in the world knows it but the Americans.

Written by Kat Godspell

RN for 26 years. I have watched my wages stagnate over 10 of those years and now retired. Mother and grandmother, now single. On Social Security.

Kat Godspell has been a member of Progressive Army since 2015.

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Land of the Free? Think Again.