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Abdeslam Cleared for Extradition



Salah Abdeslam has been cleared for extradition from Belgium to France. He is thought to be the last of the Paris attackers. It is believed that he was hold up in Brussels the entire time before his capture earlier this month.

The authorities were hoping that Abdeslam would cooperate with them in order to get information on future attacks. Unfortunately, he stopped cooperating shortly before the most recent attacks in Brussels on the 22nd of this month. Three explosions in total were reported. Two at Brussels International Airport in Zaventem and one at a train station in another Brussels suburb.

He was originally going to fight extradition to France. However, he had a change of mind. He plans to “explain” himself to the French authorities. It is unknown at this time what that explanation may entail. Brussels continues cleanup after the recent attacks. There have been calls from various international partners for the Belgians to increase their efforts in counterterrorism efforts. There has also been a call for increased security in many European airports.

Watch Abdeslam Extradition

Written by Michael Redwine

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Abdeslam Cleared for Extradition