Occupy CNN Los Angeles

#occupyCNN has minimal coverage at CNN LA protest
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While everyone was tweet storming about #PanamaPapers, and then passed out overwhelmed by #WTF #epicHistoricMoment and multiple instances of #OMG while watching our feed scroll faster than possibly readable, #occupyCNN had minimal coverage.

Not surprising. It isn’t like there were thousands of people protesting outside CNN’s Los Angeles building or anything…

CNN on Sunset BLVD overflowed with people #occupyCNN
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Why would there be any coverage of a protest outside a huge media giant in downtown Los Angeles? Nothing is going on here. #moveAlongMinions

Wait, are you surprised?

Protestors couldn’t possibly be upset by CNNs Meet the Press commentator David Gregory’s wife, Beth Wilkinson being an attorney for the staff of Hillary Clintons FBI email investigations. They couldn’t be upset by implications there might be evasion strategy surrounding those #damnEmails in that FBI investigation either… could they?

Perhaps those #peskyProtestors are just confused by the seemingly unrelated Dan Metcalfe and Alaskan superdelegate Kim Metcalfe surnames, and they are mixed up. Ya?

Have you heard of Kim? Her conversation with Levi Younger, an Alaskan voter, was dismissed easily, abruptly, and she questioned his involvement after the election when asked why she supported the candidate the state did not overwhelming support…on a 4 to 1 ratio. The Midnight Sun (so we are never in the dark) clarifies for us “Very few of the throngs of Bernie supporters stuck around to Feel the Bern of responsibility for building their party apparatus to win elections”:

Midnight Sun screenshot
Midnight Sun screenshot

… but they had a 4 to 1 ratio win. Well, there is that.

Dan Metcalfe however, is just the founding director of the DOJ’s office of information and privacy, so you have nothing to worry about there. The protestors could not possibly be upset at this connection. He believes the same counsel for all involved in the FBI investigation is “to everyone’s benefit“. Whew.

I suppose the only thing left is the #bernieBlackout happening?

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Although Alternet mentions it here, “Despite his last six wins in a row, Sanders has been largely ignored by the network.” CNN’s failure to cover breaking news in ways that do not promote self-interest,  people have ironically dubbed them the Clinton News Network. Funny. If that interests you.

There’s also some citizens phone feed videos here, but it might clog up common household wifi, and corporate media doesn’t find it newsworthy… Also, you might chuckle at the 10 best tweets from the evening’s non-news-worthiness.

Either way, nothing is happening with #occupyCNN, ok? #moveAlongMinions


Written by Jennifer Louise

Opinion Writer. Immersed in arts and sustainable living initiatives and a newfound call to participate in democracy beyond just voting. Jennifer Louise has MA in design strategy + innovation, a BFA in graphic design and mass communication, and a BA in art history.

Jennifer Louise is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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  1. Not for nothing, but what are the goals of these protests? If it is to effect change, it is not working. If it is to get media attention, it is not working. We have to come together, as one, united behind the common goal of getting Bernie nominated. The fix is in. All the phone banking, canvassing and marching in the street is going to accomplish nothing. We need a massive, hundreds of thousands, act of civil disobedience. We need to Occupy the DNC July 25-28.

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#occupyCNN has minimal coverage at CNN LA protest

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