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[WATCH] One Person, One Vote


SCOTUS Upheld ‘One Man, One Vote’. Today the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously ruled that districts should be based on the total population, not voting population. When districts are drawn using voting population, areas with high voter registration rates and low overall population would be over-represented. Conversely, other districts with fewer voters registered, as a proportion of their people, would be underrepresented.

The Roberts Court decided that this using registered voters to determine areas would adversely impact minority voters that are less like to register. Should this tendency change, the impact of these voters would be diluted. Especially, in states with a high minority population such as Southern and Southwestern states.

The Conservative Republican challengers argued that their vote was diluted by counting people of populations that tend not to register. The High Court’s decision is based on the SCOTUS ‘one man, one vote’ rule. Interestingly, the unanimous ruling was unforeseen. The Conservative Justices stayed in line with previous decisions.

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Watch SCOTUS Upholds ‘One Man, One Vote’

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[WATCH] One Person, One Vote