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Wisconsin Primary results in the News

Wisconsin primary election results
Screenshot from ABC News live streaming poll feed.

The Wisconsin Primary results are in and Bernie Sanders wallops every single candidate on Tuesday with 567,936 total votes – a 13% lead over his Democratic campaign opponent Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz comes in second with 531,129 total votes – A 36,807 difference behind Sanders. Clinton received 432,767 total votes – down from Cruz by 98,362, and 135,169 behind Sanders. Donald Trump walked away with 386,290 votes, 46,477 shy of Clinton and trailing Sanders by 181,646. With these numbers, you might expect to see some positive news coverage for the Sanders campaign. Let’s take a look at the results.

Politico provides us with their breakdown of both parties, and includes super delegates for the Democratic contest.

Politico delegate map
Politico delegate allocation chart (includes super delegates)

The Huffington Post map includes a checkbox at the bottom, allowing the user to toggle super delegate allocations on or off. This map is toggled off.  WImap_both_Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 2.17.41 PMWisconsin is a winner-take-all for the Republican contest, however they assign 36 delegates to Cruz and six to Trump. The explanation for this is the difference between At Large versus Congressional districts. Fifteen At Large delegates are awarded to the candidate receiving the most statewide votes and twenty-four congressional districts delegates are divided into eight districts with three delegates each – the candidate who wins the district receives those three delegates.

The Democratic contest divides the delegates proportionally. This handed Sanders 47 delegates and Clinton 36. The Guardian provides a map, with a candidate character icon for our viewing pleasure, illustrating the election results. Milwaukee county is Clinton only win.


WImap_milwaukee_Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.22.21 PM
CBS News screenshot

The Milwaukee county votes have a 7,218 difference in Clintons favor. This one county appears to be solely responsible for Clintons delegate allocation. A county by county count can be explored at CBS News and Politico. Politico displays their Democratic and Republican results in each county side-by-side.

Since fifty-seven of the delegates are allocated proportionally on the Democratic side, anyone paying attention might be confused when looking at the county by county maps depicting Sanders as the winner but leading delegates in the state by only 11.

RedstateWatcher explains, “In Wisconsin, it’s also about where the candidates win. Most delegates in both parties will be allocated by congressional district, turning a statewide contest into a region-by-region struggle for votes.” Democratic Party of Wisconsin breaks down delegate allocation in plain English for anyone confused.

When pundits discuss electability, one might assume the win Sanders gained Tuesday would afford him some notability. However when looking at any of the above maps, a bias towards the establishment’s choice for candidates is crystal clear.

Politico doesn’t even bother to hide their bias today.

NEWS_hillary_Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.06.01 PM
Politico homepage screenshot 1PM EST 04/06/2016

wisconsinIN-THE-NEWSOther headlines for today are downright curious, as the media continues to skew results to appear in a manner they benefit from. Leaving those bound to unbiased reporting to seek out other methods of information gathering – searching through all the bits of technology available.

The picture painted by the media is a No Wonder Why people are going to great lengths to find alternative information they find accurate.

In the wake of the Panama Papers exposing global leaders storing mountains of money in off-shore accounts, one would think the American media would attempt to curb their visible bias in favor of providing unbiased information, as it would paint them in a more golden light.

This does not appear to be the case as is illustrated by the variety of news outlets commentary seen today.

It is a race and it is not over. Next up in April is Wyoming on the 9th and New York on the 19th. Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island are on the 26th. Locate your state’s information here.



Written by Jennifer Louise

Opinion Writer. Immersed in arts and sustainable living initiatives and a newfound call to participate in democracy beyond just voting. Jennifer Louise has MA in design strategy + innovation, a BFA in graphic design and mass communication, and a BA in art history.

Jennifer Louise is a Guest Contributor to Progressive Army.

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Wisconsin primary election results

Wisconsin Primary results in the News