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Brazil Takes Another Step Toward Impeachment


The administration of President Dilma Rousseff is under fire in a financial scandal. Now the country’s Parliament has voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings. Brazil is preparing to host the Olympics in four months. The country does not need this type of mark on their record heading into the games. Many gathered at the nation’s capitol to follow the proceedings.

The line between the two camps is stark. Most citizens are tired of scandal and corruption. They want the laws to apply to all equally. Rousseff loyalists see this as a coup and they will not accept it in any way. Their stance on corruption is unclear at this time. They just want their leader out of political peril. Rousseff’s opponents celebrated in the most Brazilian fashion.

For now, the lower house has spoken. The vote was a rough and tumble affair and strong words were exchanged. The nest step is the nation’s senate. This is sure to be a bumpy ride for the largest nation in South America.

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Brazil Takes Another Step Toward Impeachment