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On #BernieOrBust


One important note: Please stay involved in politics no matter how you vote. Your voice is too important!

I did a Twitter rant this morning on #BernieOrBust and Progressive principles. It wasn’t super long. I will try to reproduce it here or you can take a look at is on Twitter. I also want to expand on some of the ideas and provide some facts & context.

On #BernieOrBust:
I can’t say that I’m fully on board with it. But, it is a principled stance. It’s not just a “cult of personality.” It’s a political platform that stresses Progressive positions that many of us claimed to believe in just a year ago. I’ve watched people I thought held the same beliefs I do acquiesce to money in politics, voter suppression, bogus claims of sexism/racism, etc. All without so much as a whimper. At the same time describing overwhelmingly popular positions as “pie in the sky”, giving in to cynicism. As if the will of the people means nothing & politics should not shift to the demand of the people. You have allowed yourself to be separated from Progressivism without a fight. Says more about you than it does us.

Now people are saying is selfish & arrogant. But, you want the votes without ceding any power or advancing elements of the most Progressive presidential platform in decades. That reveals you to be self-serving & shallow. Then you cajole using Trump/Cruz fear. That means you want the votes for free. How does that make you better than conservatives? That’s the thing about principles; they don’t change if you are real. Because you dislike Bernie or love Hillary, you have given in to the system you claimed to want to fight. You are no better. I stand on principle that people should do what THEY think is best with their vote. Save the fearful, panicked rhetoric of “not Trump or Cruz.” We fight on.

Follow this link to find out more about voter suppression. Currently, Ari Berman is the go-to person on voting. Greg Palast is always an excellent resource. Please do your own research.

Here are Hillary’s top donors. Here is Bernie’s list of top donors. If the vote is being diluted by the party and mega-donors are paying the bills. Who’s voice do you think will be heard if the Clintons get back in the White House. Hint: It won’t be yours. But, you already know that.

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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  1. The whole threat of something worse is just emotional blackmail and is regularly used to keep people complacent / in line.

    Personally I am not going to be blackmailed any more. The various attacks will flow in, first they will tell you to GTFO they don’t need you to win, then they will blame you come election day (Nader-haters), they will accuse you of the privilege of not having to live with the consequences of your decision, etc. The irony that they expect young, disaffected, and independent voters to not participate in the primary but expect them to turn around and support in the general is not lost on me.

    I refuse to let this get to me. This election cycle is so unusual that I don’t think anyone can honestly say how or who will ultimately be running come general election time. If both parties fractured, it could lead to viable 3rd party runs. With Bernie’s established fundraising prowess, it is possible he could even form his own party, or join up Green (although I am not certain all his current support would follow him this far).

    Either way, I will not be supporting Hillary in any form, and I see every dollar I spend on Bernie and Berniecrats as an investment, whether he gets the Democratic nomination or not. Bernie has shown what we can do simply by way of the internet, social media, and other forms of collaboration.

    Party loyalty taken to an extreme is just another form of authoritarianism. They viciously suppress any challenge to the status quo even as they may tell you to go form your own association.

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