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Bernie, Hillary, Trump & Real Political Risk


The race for the White House is clearing up. Bernie and Hillary will be going all-in to the Convention in July. Bernie is set to go on a tear, up to and including our largest state- California. Bernie may not get to 50% of earned delegates but, he can surely keep Hillary from getting there by the time the Love Train and the Billary Express get to Philly. We fight on.

Ted Cruz dropped out to pursue de-winging flies or something. Then John Kasich found himself alone, in a small room with the most unstable and untethered politician to run for President in the modern era. He wanted no part of that. Now The Donald is all alone at the top of the crumbling Grand Old Party. When I say crumbling, I mean restructuring. The GOP is not going anywhere. The racist, White vote has been their base for decades. They are ascendant. The usual suspects will lay low until after the election in an effort to keep the stench of racism and xenophobia at bay. But, their arrogance and hunger for power will not allow them to sit on the sidelines too long.

The Dem side is having night terrors about a particular carnival barker reaching the White House. Nightmares of high walls and internment camps. Wild bands of Skinheads and Klansmen running free in the streets. Policies enacted meant to choke the life out of the economy and the angry poor would rain down on the unprepared. Winter is coming, John Snow. All that.

Team Hillary wishes us to believe this fear should render Progressive principles meaningless. The very same principles that lead us to support Bernie. The very same principles that push us onward now. They parade around national polls of Hillary beating Trump as proof of this position. We should all get behind the war hawk beholden to big money interests. They neglect to tell you that these very same polls have Bernie Sanders leading Trump by an even larger margin. Keep in mind, up until Kasich turned tail, these polls were conveniently “useless” and “pointless.” Now they are written on stone tablets from on high. Except the part about Bernie beating every Republican by much wider margins than Hillary.

Below you will find the numbers as of May 8, 2016:


Those of us that are Persons of Color in the Bernie camp have heard over and over that we would be letting the dangerous Donald Trump into the White House if we don’t drop our Progressive principles and vote for Hillary. Closer examination of that position reveals it to be shallow. If we look at the Clinton history on race and economics, as compared to Bernie Sanders; there is no comparison, at all.

They want us to get behind Hillary to defeat Trump for nothing less the survival of the Republic. The practical and logical course of action is to get behind the candidate that is leading in the national polls. Especially, if that person has held that lead for months. That candidate leads with indies by a large margin. Independents decide the Presidency in this country as the two major parties become more and more toxic.

They swear that Red Baiting & some poorly written essay from the 80s is enough to sink the long-time legislator in the General Election. Worse, he’s unvetted or some other Clinton political playbook nonsense. All the while, ignoring the copious items of baggage in the Clinton column. Three of which are the Holy Grail for independents – Trade, War, and Money in Politics. Herr Trump, the non-politician, has positioned himself to the left of Hillary on each of these pivotal issues. That is a problem for the general. At least, for those of us seeing this whole thing clearly, it is.

In the spirit of honest discourse, Hillary is leading in earned delegates and individual votes. The superdelegates do not vote until the convention. Also, in the spirit of candid discussion, I must mention that we have seen myriad irregularities in the process. Very rarely, if ever, do these irregularities benefit Bernie Sanders. The issue of an FBI investigation also weighs heavily on the race.

The path forward is clear if we actually want to secure the White House from the likes of Donald J. Drumpf. However, I suspect that is not the real reason these national polls are being paraded about. They are used to induce fear and guilt. I propose we look at the entire picture like adults and manage all of our political risk. After all, the Republic is in peril. Right?

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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Bernie, Hillary, Trump & Real Political Risk