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Gas Prices on the Rise

gasAs the summer inches closer, gas prices are on the rise. Many feel this is a good sign for the economy. However, as families plan for summer travel, this has an impact on their wallets. I will try to go along with the “improving economy” line. Not the logical “increasing profits during family travel season” position.

It seems that we are headed toward $2.50 average per gallon. A marked increase from the lows of February when the stock markets were less stable. The current national average is $2.22. We are told that it is a supply/demand issue as the market balances itself, even though gas supplies are high in the country. Apparently, prices are going up in anticipation of summer travel season (that comes every summer).

The bottom line is you should be prepared for higher prices at the pump. Forget Econ 101 and download Gas Buddy to budget your travel costs. Don’t let it get you down. Travel and make some amazing memories with friends and family. It’s an investment in smiles.

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Gas Prices on the Rise

Written by Michael Redwine

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Gas Prices on the Rise