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Is Our Vote Real?

Time and time again across the country, our elections have been thwarted.  It doesn’t matter who you are voting for.  It would seem that if it isn’t for the corporate good, it won’t matter. The vote will go to whoever fills the corporate need.  This continues to go on in spite of the outcry of the public and the evidence.  Everything from polls closing, to not opening on time, to being understaffed, to election officials being misinformed, to hours of lines.

Typically, the democrats have thought that the republicans were the corporate hobgoblins, but this election is different.  Both parties have become entrenched in corporate money along with special interest concern taking away from the people they serve.  We have two “outsiders” competing in the presidential race and this is not making the corporate line happy.  For them, any outsider is not welcome unless they can pay to play and their power knows no bounds. Money, indeed, talks.

Now that Donald Trump has won the GOP race primary, GOP donors and big money are shifting to the corporate darling, Hillary Clinton.  Her brand of incrementalism and making sure that insurance companies, big pharma, and large corporations stay in place are exactly their political agenda.  Corporations hold no interest for worker’s rights or the rights of the individual for that matter.

Supposedly, Bernie has brought Hillary to the left, but once in office, democrats since Bill Clinton have shown this to rarely be the case, and the democratic base is getting increasingly disillusioned to the point of not voting at all and this is just what big corporate powers want.  However, we actually do have someone that is truly running on the platform who is for the people with decades of service, even when standing alone, Bernie Sanders has been for the common man.  This is my own bias.

My own bias aside, what should concern EVERY voter is our election process.  How it is mishandled and possibly not a vote of the people at all while no one in power seems to want to address the issue.  It doesn’t matter to me if you are a republican or democrat, EVERY AMERICAN VOTER should be concerned about what is happening with our voting system today because Americans have fought and died for this right.

Allow me to show you how easily election tampering can be done.  It can happen in less than a minute. This is a clip from Hacking Americaan HBO documentary.  It’s a bit long but well worth the watch to better explain what I will show you next.  Go back and watch the whole show on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed if you’re interested in where our democracy has turned and how it’s important to follow the money.

Having watched that, it will make these pictures that I am about to show you more significant.

VoterFraudexampleYou can see in both of these photos how votes were actually subtracted from candidates. This cannot happen when a voting machine is operating without tampering. As you know from the previous video, all it takes is a memory card with the technology and someone with the motivation to change the results.  This tampering would also be practically impossible to detect.VoterFraudExample2

This may also be another example:

You be the judge. Things like this are happening all over this country and are the very reason no one trusts establishment politicians.  Given all the “shenanigans” from the very beginning of the campaign to keep corporate choices from losing ground, someone needs to speak up and shout, “The emperor has no clothes!”


Written by Kat Godspell

RN for 26 years. I have watched my wages stagnate over 10 of those years and now retired. Mother and grandmother, now single. On Social Security.

Kat Godspell has been a member of Progressive Army since 2015.

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  1. Hi Kat, I am in agreeance that there have been some shady things occuring and that we need to further investigate. (raw exit poll numbers being so off, voter purges, voter registrations involuntarily switched,etc.) Counter punch put out a good set of articles on the possibility of hacking. I just want to point out that the second example you included shows that HC votes also went down, and I believe this is probably when Pike County results were taken out temporarily (not sure why) and then put back up again. The numbers for both candidates went down and then up again. I don’t know if any of the original vote tallies for that county changed any when it went back up, but happened to be on a live thread with lots of folks wondering why Pike county votes had disappeared. I think the numbers probably came back the same when reenstated though, because so many people were watching surely someone would have cried foul. I suppose that would be worth looking into though. Here is one of the counter punch articles, with links to the other ones at the bottom of the page. Thanks for writing this piece, we should be vigilant about protecting our democracy. http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/05/16/clinton-does-best-where-voting-machines-flunk-hacking-tests-hillary-clinton-vs-bernie-sanders-election-fraud-allegations/

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Is Our Vote Real?