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School Districts: Money & Race

Logo_LP2027Recently, the New York Times published and article called Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares based on a study from Stanford Center for Educational Policy Analysis. The analysis looked at math and English scores from sixth graders across the country. They controlled for race and economic status.

The results were painful, cringe-worthy and completely predictable. The bottom line is that White children with more resources were as far as four grade levels ahead of Black and Hispanic children in poor communities. The determining factor for success was above all, wealth and income. White children in poorer communities did poorly and the reverse is true for children of color in wealthier areas. Race was not a determining factor for success.

The Louisa Project 2027 wants to leverage innovation, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship to help solve many of these issues. There are no silver bullets. In most cases success comes from a combination of best practices. We need to crowdsource ideas from every concerned citizen. No matter their level of education or economic status. Let’s lay out the issues and get to work. Use the hashtag #EdCall2Action or #LP2027.

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Written by Michael Redwine

I write about current events and the intersection of education, innovation and entrepreneurship for http://progressivearmy.com.

Michael Redwine is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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School Districts: Money & Race