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UCLA Campus Shooting

Update: This was a murder/suicide.  Not a mass shooter, as suspected earlier: https://youtu.be/TcePD-rLzX8

Today on the University of California- Los Angeles campus in Bolter Hall, two people are confirmed to have been shot. The police are on the scene. Officers in SWAT gear and regular uniforms can be seen moving around the campus. The “Bruin Alert” system directed students due to “police activity” and direcected to “deny entry.” Later they were warned of a shooting at the “Engineering 4” building.  Students were told to leave campus if they think they could do so safely. If not, they have been told to shelter-in-place. The school is currently locked down. Reports from students and faculty from the campus are saying that most people have already left the area to safety.

Law enforcement seems to have the site under control. The identities and condition of the two victims are not currently known. We also do not know if there are other victims or if there are multiple assailants. The perpetrators seem to be still at large. However, that is unconfirmed, at this time.

It has also been reported that the ATF and FBI were notified. They are currently on their way to the scene to provide support for law enforcement & emergency services personnel on the site.

Watch UCLA Shooting Reported

Written by Michael Redwine

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UCLA Campus Shooting