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#Dems Being Dems or How #WeFightOn

Important Note: The Number One weapon used against us is Our Apathy. No matter how this cycle turns out with the Dems, we must not turn away from activism. Do what you need for self-care and get back in the fight. There is no shame in taking the time to heal. We need you. There are enough of us to take up the slack. Fight, heal, repeat.

Now we get to the business of changing the world:

When Bernie entered this race as a Democrat over a year ago, he was a protest candidate to most of us. Then people started to hear what he had to say. The unassailable logic of “government for everyone” began to resonate. As he grew in popularity, the powers that be began to slowly circle the wagons. Things that many of us naively ascribed only to Republican or right wing politics happened on the Left. It was “to us, by us.” We realized, in horror, that “us” was much less united than we previously imagined.

There have always been divisions on the left- Moderates, Progressives, Liberals, Anarchists, Socialists, etc. We thought that many tenets of what we broadly term as “liberalism” were universal in our segments of the political/ideological spectrum. Much of Bernie’s platform hit a sweet spot for all of us to rally around. The Democratic Party machine wanted no part of changes so profound. They only rally around money and power. Their incrementalism hustle pays extremely well. Thank you very much. They activated all systems against Bernie and his nascent revolution. The strategy was simple – temporarily adopt portions of his platform, attack the man and hope he goes away soon enough to dump his policy before the general. They used every tool at hand to deepen divisions and demonize the very concept of good governance. It all worked marvelously.

Except for one thing- the intestinal fortitude of Bernie Sanders and the fledgling Political Revolution. Team Bernie has held on longer than anyone expected. Major points for tenacity. This called for a shift in strategy – tilt the primary process. I could go on about how that was done & how mainstream media was complicit. I won’t. The information is readily available for anyone that chooses to search for it.

Here’s my view of the state of play: We have to take this to Philly. But not for the reasons many may think. Now that the administration is openly lining up behind Hillary, the chances of the FBI indicting her just plummeted to around 0%. That was the only tool we had that could remotely pry Supers away from the Billary Express. This means Hillary is likely to be the nominee. At the Convention, we have to shape the Democratic Party platform. Many see it as symbolic, at best. It is a rhetorical shift that can be important in driving progress and pushing the party to the left. This can be vital for the future we envision. We will also force them to give Bernie a position of power in the coming administration or Congress. Bernie will be able to effect change there while we strengthen the infrastructure of our coalition.

Whether you see it or not, we have caused a seismic shift in American politics. Bernie and the progressive movement will hold a significant amount of power for years to come. We have to be savvy enough to prepare for the future by doing four things – 1) Keep the pressure on, 2) Learn the lessons from this race, 3) Get us all registered & informed and 4) Use our superior numbers in races up and down the ticket. Dems are traditionally asleep at the wheel during midterms. It has caused them to lose the House and Senate. If Hillary wins, that won’t change. It may even get worse. We must use this to our advantage. They did not play fair with us. I see no reason to be nice to them. We run our candidates in midterms and during “on” years. We fight hard – Run, fight, repeat.

We hippies have proven we can punch back, and we have shaken the entire country with the power of our conviction in the process. We should all be proud and take this lesson into the future. #WeFightOn

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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  1. The way I see it, Bernie’s endorsement proved we, or he at least, will *not* punch back. Bernie refused to “go negative”, even though Team Clinton had no such compunctions, and when he did better than he was supposed to, they brought out all the arsenal, including open election fraud. Then they brought him to heel, when he stood up there and said that she got more votes. In the state where Bill and Hillary openly mocked all his ideas he stood in front of his supporters and told them all that Hillary knows and Hillary believes all the things that she directly said she does not. Then he thanked Obama and Joe Biden for saving us from the economic recession… which us? As far as I’ve seen, the recession never ended for working people, for students, for unemployed, for veterans, for anyone that doesn’t work at a place that, gosh wouldn’t you know it, gives heavily to corporate Democratic candidates. No, Sanders definitely won’t punch back even if you spit in his face, and now our great and shining hope is to go to their self-masturbatory convention and cheer for the boot on our neck. No. If we mean even half of what we say, our first priority is to stop betraying ourselves. As a backdrop to all of this, US airstrikes killed 50 civilians, a dozen of the children, while we bickered about the empty platitudes that Melania Trump “stole” from Michelle Obama. I wonder what new atrocities will occur in our name while our not-very-revolutionary revolution is getting smoke blown up their collective asses in Philly.

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Bernie Sanders at a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 26, 2015

Thank You Bernie

#Dems Being Dems or How #WeFightOn