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Dealing With Those Pesky Liberals

We’ve heard a lot of talk from Hillary and other establishment figures about “party unity” this election season, but not a lot of action to that effect. It’s no secret that the Hillary Campaign has been having tough luck at unifying the party behind the presumptive Democratic nominee. Seeing their unwillingness to hear out Bernie supporters, which make up 43% of Democratic votes cast, they are relying solely on luck to win them over. At nearly every turn, they’ve been wrong about what the American people want in a candidate. It’s party unity they want? I suggest they take a good long look at what they’re doing wrong. Hillary has got a long way to go, but if she could manage these three things, she could start on the course to winning in November.

1. Mend Ties

Whether it’s been polling places being slashed in Arizona, ballots not being counted, DNC hosted debates being intentionally sparse, independent voters being excluded from elections, media outlets calling races hardly after they’ve begun, California ballots still being tallied after two weeks, accusations of a Sanders supporter throwing a chair in Nevada and the media hype which ensued, confirmed caning at the hands of Hillary voters with no media hype, mics being cut off, Sanders votes haven’t had it easy throughout the election. Understandably, they’re not quite ready to say “I’m with her” when she just spat in their face. This will take time, and some will probably never vote for her, but what good will more salt in the wound do? 

2. Give Them Something To Vote For

What does party unity mean: getting in line when ordered to, or coming to the table as equals to find a way forward? The latter sounds more democratic to me. It is obvious that Bernie and Hillary do not see eye on most issues, but their fabrics must somehow be interwoven. In his endorsement for Mrs. Clinton, Obama thanked Bernie for “shining a spotlight on issues like economic inequality and the outsized influence of money in our politics and bringing young people into the process. Embracing that message is going to help us win in November”. Hillary would love to run back to the right where she started this campaign and where her big donors want her.

A heavyweight in the Democratic Party, Hillary isn’t used to being pushed around by anyone. Now being backed into a corner, this won’t win her the liberal votes she needs so desperately. Sanders voters demand real change. They’ll need a commitment from Hillary to pursue a more liberal agenda. So you have a choice to make, Hillary, big money or big turnout?

Here’s your chance. Elements of the Democratic Platform Committee are in St. Louis, hammering out a draft of the Party’s platform that will be presented next month in Orlando for consideration by the full committee. While progress has been made in areas like capital punishment and banking activities, the committee voted down amendments in key areas such as a $15 minimum wage, the TPP (something both Hillary and Sanders delegates wanted), and fracking. Already shooting down some of Bernie’s core values, it looks like Clinton will continue trying to kneecap his agenda at every corner.

3. Build Trust

Polling shows Hillary’s favorability dropping among voters, and CNN polling shows voters find Trump more trustworthy than Clinton by 8 percentage points. What could it be? The emails? The flip-flop on the TPP? The Goldman Sachs speeches that nobody can see? Maybe all of these things. It’d feel pretty good to get it all off her chest now before someone else does it for her.  Details are finally beginning to surface about Hillary’s private server, showing that hackers had knowledge of it, and on multiple occasions at least tried to get in, no word on if they did as of yet. The Democratic front-runner has been trying to hush this up for months now, saying that she’s got nothing to hide. When the FBI began their investigation, they planned to wrap it up by October of last year.

There has to be a reason why they’ve gone 8 months overtime. The investigation has been slow, and accusations have been made that it was intentionally so in order to help her secure the nomination over Bernie, but the FBI almost certainly will present their findings before the general election in November. What do you think those findings will show? It’s not going to be pretty for her. She will take a massive hit in the polls. Might as well come clean now and mitigate the damage. But if it’s like she says and she has nothing to hide, this is a golden opportunity to win progressives over.


Written by Hank Jirousek

The rhetorical baby-faced killer: Chicago-based.

Hank Jirousek is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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