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Inequality, Corruption and Principled Opposition

Inequality, Corruption and Principled Opposition

I’m going to do something a little different in this post. I’m going to level set this article with three videos. Please watch all if you have not already.

Inequality in America

Corruption is Legal in America

America is an Oligarchy

Now that we are all grounded in reality let’s discuss our current political situation. Think pieces on how Bernie voters are “unrealistic” or even “delusional” are everywhere. If we step back from all the heated rhetoric and Clinton Campaign/Media spin, we see a system where concentrated wealth has nearly all the power in the country. The average American goes largely unheard in politics and policy.

The only real ways Americans exercise political power are voting and activism. Activism is a hard slog that goes on 365 days per year. Voting has a small window of opportunity during a given cycle in which to leverage your vote. Most people just go along with a party or ideology, vote, go home and cross their fingers. This is entirely understandable. Life is hard enough without the added stress of worrying about what politicians are doing. You vote and hope your candidate does their job.

Enter Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He tells people the real lay of the land, as seen in the above videos. He turns away from big money in the largest political fight of his life. His platform is about improving the lives of average Americans with every plank of his platform – money out of politics, education, inequality, police brutality, etc. Above all, he speaks of empowerment through Political Revolution, where we little guys work together to impact the system.

Hillary folks tell us that this is unrealistic, and we should “Shut up and get in line”,”Shut up, Trump is scary” or “Shut up, we don’t need you.” Either way, it’s “shut up.” Luckily, we’re not the “shut up” types. Definitely not my ministry.

We view the 2016 election cycle through the prism of the stark reality depicted above. This compels many of us to take a principled stance in this race. The usual excuses of Republican obstruction and the complexity of the legislative process are no longer acceptable. The Tea Party dunces were able to wreak havoc while in the minority. Conversely, the Democrats claim to be helpless waifs in the GOP-dominated workhouse that is Capital Hill. All the while, they are cashing checks and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. We no longer accept this paradigm. Do your damn job! Fight for the will of the people.

Whether, #BernieOrBust, #BernieOrGreen, #SeeYouInPhilly or like me #FightOn; we are all leveraging our vote to push the Dems to the left. We only have this small window before the Democratic Convention and the November election. So far, the platform has been significantly impacted by Team Bernie. There is much work still to be done. The TPP, fracking, and Israel-Palestine are still major issues to be tackled before the next platform meeting in Orlando, 8-9 July.

After November, the real work starts. We change the world. The fight is righteous and grounded in political reality. You should join us. There is always room on the Love Train.

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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Inequality, Corruption and Principled Opposition