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Exclusive: Full Letter From 60 Black Democrats Opposing Cornel West and Bernie Sanders’ Platform Amendments

In a letter to the Democratic National Committee, 60 African-American Democratic politicians outlined their support for the 2012 Democratic Party platform language on the Middle East and Israel. The group of black leaders was organized by former South Carolina State Representative and CNN commentator, Bakari Sellers. In the letter, Sellers stated:

I believe that the Mideast planks of the previous platform were carefully crafted and have served us well as a party and a country. As Democrats…we would be well served to stick closely to our previous platform language and ensure that any changes…do nothing to undermine the principles that have given such strength and clarity to our previous platforms.

Sellers said the purpose of the letter was to express support for the 2012 language in the Democratic Platform. He and the 60 signatories, like the members of the committee that represented Hillary Clinton, oppose using “occupation” to describe the Israeli settlements and opposed the removal of the affirmation that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Sellers also directly addressed the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement:

…Anti-Semitism has been on the rise and it has taken a new form — the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement known as BDS. The BDS movement is an effort to bypass direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and, instead, use economic and political pressure to force unilateral Israeli action on issues that must be resolved through talks.

Sellers’ position on BDS stands in stark contrast to the position forwarded by Platform Committee member, Professor Cornell West, during the committee meeting hearings:

We’re at a turning point now, and of course it’s going to be a slow one in the Democratic Party, but some of us will be working outside the Democratic Party to make it quicker. And that’s why I support the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction).

Cornel West made an impassioned plea for the Palestinian people that has since gone viral across multiple platforms. West stated:

“Palestinians…wrestling with occupation for 50-some years–demeaned, devalued, dominated and exploited. For too long, the Democratic Party’s been beholden to AIPAC–that didn’t take seriously the humanity of the Palestinian brothers and sisters.

According to CNN, the letter sent by Bakari Sellers was in response to the traction that Professor West’s viewpoint might have gained “in the public narrative.”

Additional questions have arisen to the motivation and purpose of the letter from Sellers. One of the most ardent voices opposing Sellers’ letter is Rania Khalek of Electronic Intifada. In an interview with the Progressive Army, Khalek stated that Sellers’ letter was an attempt to undercut Cornel West’s testimony at the hearings–undermining the grassroots movement that is, for the first time, gaining ground in solidarity with Palestinians.

In an article on Electronic Intifada, Khalek stated:

West’s and Zogby’s advocacy for Palestinian rights has been so insistent that the Clinton wing of the party has attempted to neutralize them through the most cynical form of identity politicking.

Clearly, there is no single, monolithic position that can be attributed to the Black community on the issue of Israel and Palestine. As far as opinions from the Black community, they clearly can range from Sellers to West.

The full letter from 60 Black Democrats can be found HERE and below.

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Written by Benjamin Dixon

Benjamin Dixon is the Editor in Chief of Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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    • Rob Kennedy

      You mean the way you want to deny such rights to the Jewish people?

      While claiming them for a “people” who were invented in the 1960’s, specifically for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state?

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum: that’s a bullshit argument, and you’d know that if you cracked a history book.

      The majority of jews in Israel are of caucasian descent; from the areas of eastern Europe and western Asia. Hell, Netanyahu HIMSELF is a Jew of Polish descent.

      The fact of the matter is, the only native-born Semitic people in the region are the Palestinians.

      Sorry, your bible doesn’t qualify as definitive evidence of Israeli’s right to the land.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum “I’m not a racist!”

      “Palestinians don’t exist, because 1,300 years of Arabic references to them as a people were written in Arabic (Filistin). And Arabic doesn’t count.”

    • Rob Kennedy Genetically, both the people termed Palestinians and the people termed European Jews can trace about half their genetic legacy to the people who lived in the region 2,000 years ago.

      The difference is that the European Jews mostly have an admixture of European DNA, while the Palestinians mostly have an admixture of Turkish, Kurdish, and Arab DNA.

      In the end, if we look at who is descended from the “original” inhabitants, the answer is “Both Equally”.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum All this talk about denying people’s existence seems very appropriate since the ones who denied the right to exist of Jews were the German Nazis not the Palestinians. But even before this, in Europe which is where Zionist ideology took hold which demanded the creation of a “Jewish State, there were several places in the world that were being considered for relocation from Europe. One was in the Patagonia (which bears no relation whatsoever to any biblical significance).
      The New Jewish Fund was created to bankroll this future relocation and settlement.And so it went that this Fund was available to Jews that went to live in Palestine with a very important covenant that had never previously existed in any land transactions between Palestinian Arabs or Palestinian Jews before: the covenant stated that any lands bought with the money of the New Jewish Fund could not be occupied by nor rented nor sold back to Palestinian Arabs. Jews in Palestine at the beginning of the 19th century were a minority but had all the rights that any other citizen of Palestine had. Each was permitted to exercise its own version of laws pertaining to each religion, including Christians, and when they intersected, joint councils would discuss the issue and arrive at solutions together. There were problems, to be sure but not to the extent that modern Israeli Zionist narrative would have you believe. Of course this all changed when the New Jewish Fund and the Zionist zealot terrorists like the Sterner group and others started attacking Palestinian villages to drive them out by force.
      You see? History has a way of exposing inconvenient truths even 100+ years later.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum “a “people” who were invented in the 1960’s, specifically for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state” – You’re gonna need to GET OVER that specific piece of bullshit lie real quick or you’ll find NO ONE willing to listen to your pure Zionism..

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum – Palestinians were not invented in the 60’s…they existed for centuries and were ignored and thrown to the four winds for most of the 20th century. They have just as much of a right to exist as the Jewish people do. Hate is hate and you appear to be full of it (take that any way you want to).

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum Invented in the 1960’s? You really should read more history…As long as we’re talking about being invented, Israel was ‘invented’ in 1948…have you nothing to say about that?

    • Rob Kennedy you me like usurping the land from the living inhabitants and waging a war of genocide against them, like what was done and still is happening to the Palestinians? I guess it doesn’t count if they aren’t zionists.

    • Elizabeth Milos Rieloff so if your neighbor is robbed, you would be fine with the cops invading somebody else’s home on the other side of the country and miving that neighbor into that house and give ownership of all within but allowing the previous owner still live only in the bathroom? then deny them the freedom to leave the bathroom for work or allow medicine and food to be brought to the bathroom. you are a prime example of how religion poisons everything. you are so damaged by it, your brain malfunctions. exodus never happened, but i am sure you still hold tight to that fairytale.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum Bakari has no moral clarity except that he is morally clear on what he has to do to stay in the good graces of HRC and the DNC. Which makes him a pathetic, cowardly sellout.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum lol. Have you wondered why you have0 like’s? Because your comment is so ignorant. I can’t believe your that simple minded to believe the Zionist propaganda.

  1. You cannot look at the treatment of Palestinians and even African Jews and non-jews in Israel and say what they are doing is acceptable. It is an apartheid state and only a resolution to bring balance to negotiations can lead to peace. Zionists don’t really want peace. They want all of Israel. No exceptions.

    • You have been spoonfed a pack of lies, which you are repeating here.

      I invite you to visit Israel to see the truth for yourself. I also suggest reading some history books written by real historians, rather than the propaganda that fills the mainstream media and social media. Try a book called “From Time Immemorial”, by Joan Peters.

      The truth of the situation in Israel is almost the exact opposite of what you have clearly been taught. It is Jews who are indigenous to the land, and Arabs who are occupiers. And it is Arabs who practice a brutal form of Apartheid, while simultaneously trivializing the real Apartheid that happened in South Africa, by falsely comparing Israel, a liberal democracy with equal rights for minorities, to a racist, colonial regime.

    • You have been spoonfed a pack of lies, which you are repeating here.

      I invite you to visit Israel to see the truth for yourself. I also suggest reading some history books written by real historians, rather than the propaganda that fills the mainstream media and social media. Try a book called “From Time Immemorial”, by Joan Peters.

      The truth of the situation in Israel is almost the exact opposite of what you have clearly been taught. It is Jews who are indigenous to the land, and Arabs who are occupiers. And it is Arabs who practice a brutal form of Apartheid, while simultaneously trivializing the real Apartheid that happened in South Africa, by falsely comparing Israel, a liberal democracy with equal rights for minorities, to a racist, colonial regime.

    • you are propagating falsehoods here. We wool have to disagree on which sources to trust when it comes to the history of Israel. But as for the present, there is plenty of documented evidence regarding the treatment of African refugees, Ethiopian Jews and Palestinians. Check points and walls, routine destruction of homes, murder of children, is horrible enough, but the state even regulates the caloric intake of the folks trapped in the Gaza strip and West Bank. It is an Apartheid state and rightwing Zionists are to blame. https://youtu.be/Ebrf1VmtW1g

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum you clearly don’t know history. Those are white people from Europe. They have no claim to that land. That is one of the biggest lies told on earth.

    • Asher B. Garber and still she is NOT an historian, as was implied by Miriam. I have not claimed the title so your point is not relevant to the exchange. Make it a great day.

    • You should read more news sources. Tell me how many South African blacks under Apartheid were allowed to attend university (let alone graduate with their Master’s degrees, as Omar Barghouti did from Tel Aviv University) or serve in the government… let alone vote or be allowed to drink from water fountains. You seriously have no idea what Apartheid is, and you do a major injustice to those who truly suffered under it.

    • Elizabeth Schwartz, There are hundreds of laws that make it abundantly clear that Israel has separate laws for Palestinians vs Israeli Jews. A good place to verify this is the site ItIsApartheid.org. There is no equality under the law not for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories nor in Jerusalem nor in “Israel proper”. In the latter, Palestinians are not even allowed to refer to themselves as Palestinians but rather Israeli Arabs. The Palestinian members of the Knesset have faced detention for voicing opposition to Israeli government unjust detention policies, collective punishment policies, and housing demolition policies towards Palestinians as well as its continued illegal land grab and construction of Israeli Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories. Palestinians cant live in Israel even if they marry an Israeli, Palestinian neighborhoods cant get permits to construct more housing nor do they have access to an equal level of funding for schools. This is just the tip of the iceberg. By the way, Mandela even characterized Israeli Apartheid as worse.

    • Elizabeth Milos Rieloff

      So if Jews are supposedly from Europe, why does our DNA trace back to Israel, while Arab DNA traces back to Arabia?

      And why do all the older historical relics and archaeological finds in Israel have Hebrew writing, and references to Biblical figures, like King David? Why did Arab writers of the first millennium write about the “glorious” Arab conquests and colonization of other lands, including Israel? Why did Arab leaders a century ago brag about the fact that their mosque is built over the remains of our Temple? Use some simple logic – the mosque is on top because it was built LATER!

      It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat a lie, the FACT is that Jews come from Israel, and Arabs don’t. Jews have survived the diaspora in small communities all over the world, but that doesn’t make us “European”.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum Maybe you should visit the communities outside of Israel? I don’t like to argue with stupid people, especially the willfully ignorant.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum Clearly, there were people who lived in what is today called Israel before the original Hebrews came; in the Bible they were slaughtered and their land was taken. I’m assuming you subscribe to the idea that this was God’s wish. What you’re arguing is the inherent privilige of one religious/ethnic group over all others. That is tribalism, that is ethno-centrism, and it has enabled the most horrific atrocities – including, as you must know, the Holocaust. And no, it’s not at all what God wants for humanity – quite the opposite.

    • Elizabeth Schwartz The migration of the Mizrahim to Israel came AFTER the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians from within the 67 lines.

      It cannot be used as a justification for a crime against humanity which predated it.

    • Corey Finnegan The actual archeological truth is that Judiasm arose from within the population living in the Levant. There was no conquest by some mythical army of former slaves fleeing Egypt.

      There is no evidence for the Biblical narrative, and genetically the DNA recovered from 3,500 year old tombs matches the DNA recovered from 2,200 year old tombs.

    • Elizabeth Schwartz Israel supported Apartheid South Africa and even gave them the bomb. Israel was the last nation on Earth to finally stop selling arms to South Africa.

      I’d suggest you stop claiming South Africans don’t know what Apartheid is.

    • Elizabeth Schwartz you named one person as if the exception disproves the rule. You sound very much like many Whites here in the U.S. One success story by the oppressor’s standard aquits them of all wrong doing toward the overwhelming majority of the oppressed. The evidence no matter the justification: religious, historical or otherwise, does not excuse man’s inhumanity to man.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum From Time Immemorial- …. critics, including Noam Chomsky, Edward Said and Yehoshua Porath, followed Finkelstein’s criticism and called the book “ludicrous”, “worthless” and a “forgery”.

    • Hextor X Delgado But people really are that stupid. They really, truly are. Israeli Jews are taught in school that literally no one lived in Palestine but a few thousand Beduin, and a bunch of Egyptians rushed in after Jewish Colonists arrived because they hated Jews and wanted to kill them.

      They’re taught that in 1948 Palestinians all packed up and left of their own free will simply because they wanted to. There was no ethnic cleansing.

      They’re taught that Arabs are a defective form of humanity, that they’re savage and stupid and untrustworthy and naturally violent. The average Jewish Israeli is more bigoted against Palestinians than the average Southern white man was against African Americans 100 years ago.

    • Justin Lewter A great day will be done the moment people like you stop wasting your energies by trying to deny a Judaic claim to a land that has been in my people’s focus, if not possession, for over 5000 years. If you want to suggest that a journalist can not be a historian, and that through some sort of etymology, you are right (or something), then congratulations on continuing to throw shade on light and falsehood onto truth. A great day, Sir, is one when Palestinians and their supporters actually strive for peace rather than strife. But I don’t have faith in you or your crew for that. So you go be miserable all weekend, Justin, as you wonder how Israel can continue to survive under such strife and the anger of billions of bozos worldwide. Enjoy!

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum

      “It is Jews who are indigenous to the land, and Arabs who are occupiers.”


      Uh, no… you have it wrong.

      The ancient Hebrews and the ancient Arabs come from Abraham.

      Until the storied emigration to Egypt they lived in the same area.

      Eerie coincidence; the Hebrews escaped Egypt, then butchered their way back into the Semite ancestral land they hadn’t occupied for 400 years.

      And in the 20th Century, the Jews returned AGAIN, and they’re butchering anyone who gets in their way, taking a land they hadn’t occupied for 2,000 years.

      Don’t take that as my supporting Cornel West: I refuse to have anything to do with someone who insulted President Obama.

    • Asher B. Garber very poetic. Are you suggesting all peoples dispossessed of their lands at any point in time violently reclaim those lands? Or are you simply creating a special exemption for People of the Jewish faith? Just admit it: Zionists have no desire or interest in allowing Palestinians or largely Brown/Black ppl for that matter to co-exist in what is today Israel, in any significant numbers. If you did you would not continue to settle more lands in spite of international law. Zionists intend to cleanse the land with priority given to European Jews over all other ppl of the faith. Just admit it. It is telling that Zionists have the full compliance of the US and its media and still have trouble convincing the world that they are the victims. Ppl that challenge the Zionist narrative do not do it because it is all they here. It’s the opposite. Rarely if ever do Palestinians get an opportunity to speak for themselves on US tv. You would have us believe that those in the BDS movement, those who have visited and those who have studied are all willfully misinformed. Perhaps Netanyahu needs to visit congress more often. The hateful anti-human treatment of the Palestinians, African Jews and non- Jewish refugees speaks louder than your claims at victim hood. Enjoy your Independence Day weekend on stolen land and try not to think about the hypocrisy of your positions.

    • Justin Lewter and don’t forget the horrific sterilization programs against the Black African Ethiopians. This is a fact. A scientific and racist fact. So Zionism does take action against innocent parties while in their powerful lopsided position. Pack up your illegal settlements and go back to a land which can be agreed upon.

    • Miriam Harris-Botzum “From Time Immemorial” has been thoroughly debunked by a Norman Finklestein, a Jewish professor. There is absolutely NO archeological evidence for an ancient Jewish state in what is now present-day Palestine. “From Time Immemorial” is just Zionist propaganda.

    • Zionism is Judaic Autonomy. Maybe you don’t understand the issues? Since you’re a logical person, and a historian, can you explain how the 3000 year old temple built by invaders ended up underneath the 700 year old mosque built by the indigenous folks? Thanks!

    • Nicolas G. Vega-Frey Well, this is an old one, so let me trot out an oldie (but a goodie) in response: The term “anti-Semitism” was coined in the 19th Century and specifically and solely means “Jew hatred”. Nice try, though.

    • Asher B. Garber when Zionism comes at the expense of marginalizing other people, becoming an apartheid state and essentially becoming another colonizer, you can no longer say it’s just about autonomy. One can be against present day occupations and colonialism that is the new Zionism while not being Anti-Semetic. That is the problem. Anyone who criticizes Israel is all of a sudden Anti-Semetic.

    • Nicolas G. Vega-Frey I didn’t know that etymology was the sole focus as to why it’s okay to attack Israelis and Jews as if they are invaders to the Middle East. Good job, Nick, at providing nothing but lameass allegations. That is what the Palestinian crew is good at. Throwing shade and denying culpablity, all the while demanding others damn the Jews of Israel. Good times with brainless bozos. That’s the online Middle East debate subculture.

    • Keytiana Hempstead Another person who doesn’t want to ansswer the simple question. So here’s the answer: The Jews have always been in Israel. The Jews are not White People vis-a-vis the Colored People of Arabia. When you figure that out, then history becomes easier to grasp. There is no Apartheid. Sorry. And you only insult your own people by claiming Israel is an Apartheid state. Because the Arabs in Israel have been afforded all the liberties and right to life that Mandela had demanded when he was sent to prison. Think about that, if you can. Maybe you’ve been sold a bag of goods? Or maybe you really do live a life in which you must insist certain truths in order to hate. I really don’t care. That Temple wall is ample archaeologcial evidence that you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

    • If the Torah is not a historical document then then i dont know what qualifies as a historical document. It is closer to a primary source then anything you can cite. And the mosque vs temple thing is irrellevent. Early cananites were not necessarily muslims. And regardless nothing that happened a thousand years ago justified forcibly removing families from their homes and buldozing them. And these fascade conflicts thay resemble genocide when 10 israelis die but they kill a 1000 palistinians. Thats not a war. Its a slaughter

    • And i am tired of my tax dollars going to prop up that governement but we are cutting education spending in our cities. 3 billion a year so they can kill palistinians

    • Asher B. Garber What are you smoking? The zionists colonizers been digging under the Aqsa Mosque since 1967 – 48 years now and they reached the other side of the World and could not find one shred of evidence of the dream temple you and the rest of the racist zionist speak of. Wake up and try to become a decent human being

    • Asher B. Garber actually, no. I am motivated by love. Love for Palestinian children as well as Israeli jewish children. Apartheid is bad for the oppressor too because it gives them a false sense of superiority and insulates them from the life enhancing and culturally rewarding experience of being truly friends with your neighbor on an equal footing. Israeli jewish settlers are usually not very welcome anywhere else in the world because they hold very racist and intolerant views of people that are different. The experience of white South Africans can attest to the transformation of their culture in good ways when Apartheid was abolished.

    • Russell Mondy The Dems responded only after the BDS movement had spread to university campuses and achieved major divestment victories. They risked losing young voters then too. Back then they cared about keeping voters. Now apparently they don’t.

    • Elizabeth Milos Rieloff You obviously don’t love Israeli children because you’re seemingly okay with them being shot at with missiles from Gaza, or stabbed in bed while they sleep. Because of something or other, you refuse to hold the Palestinians accountable for their own actions. If a Separtion Barrier is going to stop Palestinians from murdering Jewish children eating pizza or going to a dance club, then guess what’s going to happen? That wall will be built, and your pissant crying and hate monger bullshit ain’t gonna change that.

      The Palestinians have spent the last 9 months murdering Jews in the street, and people like you cry crocodile tears, always indicating that there is some right behind these murders. You will never get them their state with that attitude.

    • Asher B. Garber The Palestinian people were evicted from the land they have lived on for centuries by a British government that wanted Jewish support during war. The Palestinians were supposed to not be abused or have their rights violated in any way by the Israeli government after the creation of the state of Israel, but Israel broke every single one of the rules outlining the observance of the rights of Palestinian poeple.

      The popular belief among many Israelis is that there were no people in the region when Israel was created – meaning they don’t consider the Palestinians human beings at all.

      This has gone on for DECADES, and has not only been how the Israeli government has treated the Palestinians, but also extends to their racist treatment of Ethiopian Jews.

      Yes, some Palestianians have responded to the 50 year brutal and inhumane occupation and abuse of their rights, their people, and their land with violence. But they have been RESPONSES to brutality against them, the violation of THEIR rights, the theft of THEIR homes and land, and the murders of THEIR children.

      NONE OF WHICH you will ever hear on the news in the US, because we give Israel BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in aid and military support. Politicians who say publicly that Israel is not always right in how they treat the Palestinians are publicy shamed and run out of town, because admitting that would be akin to admitting our own financial complicity in the abuse of the Palestinians. And we ARE complicit – we give Israel the money to keep doing it.

      The Israeli government sided with apartheid South Africa, for God’s sake, and some people are still defending these monsters.

      None of the people who do, though, give a damn about the Palestian or Ethiopian children whose lives are taken. Odd how that is.

      In this country, we celebrate when someone “stands their ground” against someone who comes into their home to take what is theirs. We even celebrate when Israel responds by bombing an entire hospital in response to a Palestinian taking a kitchen knife and stabbing two people at a bus stop.

      But the Palestians have no right to defend themselves against the 50 year brutality of the U.S.-backed Israeli occupation machine.

      That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    • Elizabeth Schwartz I really hope your talking about the Palestinian girl. Or what about the darwabish family that was lit on fire while they slept killed all but one small 4 yr old. Who was severely burned. What makes me sick and furious is the Israeli settler terrorist did 3 months with a smile and was paraded around al qudis like a hero. Israeli society is sick. Very sick.

    • Elizabeth Schwartz, I’ll take responsibility. I don’t know who I’m responsible to but I’ll own Trump winning. I might vote for him if it comes down to him or Hilary.

    • Ron the choice is not between HARCane Trump, there are other candidates which the media ignores. So, go out and vote for Dr. stein of the Green Party, off course check their platform before voting, you will be pleasantly surprise. Also, introduce your family, friends, and strangers to the Green Party and lest shock the duopolistic political system.

    • Don’t stay home, Ron, If Hillary is the nominee, the Dems will lose the WH. If Hillary is the nominee, there will be a mass exodus from the Democratic party after the convention. There are several progressive groups that are attempting to form a third party. Write in Bernie if you can. If not, vote Green and PLEASE vote for Berniecrats down ballot. We must take back the Senate and hopefully a few seats in the House as well.

  2. It’s interesting that Electronic Intifada is considered a source of information. Intifada, for those unaware, is the term Palestinians and their supporters use to describe their revolutionary standards of blowing up buses in the ’80s (the 1st Intifada); blowing up pizzerias, dance clubs, and hotel ballrooms in the ’00s (the 2nd Intifada); and stabbing and ramming people (with cars) in the street (currently happening for the past 9 months, aka the 3rd Intifada). In other words, Intifada is a Lynching of sorts.

    Just so you know. When you quote a writer from the Electronic Intifada, you are quoting somebody who thinks that murdering Jews is a political movement.

    • Says a supporter of a government that has waged 3 major bombing campaigns within the space of 10 years on a population that is under seige. Some of these campaigns have used white phosphorus, as well as bombed schools, hospitals and entire neighborhoods. Your Public Relations Hasbara bullshit wont work here. Go earn your blood money someplace else.
      People have reliable eyewitness accounts thanks to social media so literally, THE WHOLE WORLD WAS WATCHING while your government assasins (IDF) ripped the limbs off children with your bombs.

    • Elizabeth Milos Rieloff So what you’re saying is, Hamas can shoot 10,000 missiles into Israel because you, Elizabeth Milos Rieloff, says so. Well, the world doesn’t work that way. You don’t a war with Israel? Don’t start a war with Israel. Is that Hasbara? Does that blow your mind? The fact you can’t read the news without conspiracies makes you pathetic. GFY.

    • Elizabeth Milos Rieloff P.S. Maybe you can stick to the subjet of the comment you’re replying to which is that a news source which names itself after numerous lynching campaigns shouldn’t be taken seriously. Especially considering the history of lynchings in America. Would you take David Duke has to say about Fergusson seriously? I wouldn’t. But you’re special. You would if it fits your narrative. Disgusting and pathetic. Congrats on futility.

    • You’re conflating the word ‘intifada’ with support for violence, which is false. The term was used predominantly by nonviolent protesters, and it more or less translates as “to shake off”, and is usually translated as ‘uprising’ or ‘resistance’. The fact that for some Palestinians ‘intifada’ has been carried out with violence is inexcusable, though understandable given the crushing oppression they live under. To give an analogy, someone who supports ‘Black Power’ should not be immediately assumed to support violence, just because the Black Panther Party did. Not that you seem to care much about understanding the Palestinian point of view.

    • Asher B. Garber Wow. “10,000 missiles” seems to be a nice round PR number to quote. There were hundreds of international organizations that attested to the incredibly one sided and disproportionate use of force by the IDF against civilian populations and this was made quite evident in the harrowingly lopsided casualty and maiming and overall destruction of entire neighborhoods and entire families. 300 Holocaust survivors and their families signed a letter to that effect. Israel again committed war crimes which has caused many Jewish Israeli citizens to renounce their Israeli citizenship due to shame. Many IDF soldiers committed suicide afterwards because of the atrocities they were ordered to do.
      And since we are on the subject of David Duke and all things Fascist, it is perplexing to me how a State that calls itsel “Jewish” can explain its support (via arms sales and military equipment and training) to Pinochet in Chile and to Guatemalas military while it was waging genocide on its Mayan population.

    • Elizabeth Milos Rieloff It was actually more than 10,000, but who are you to accept those numbers? Between May and August 2014, Hamas shot between 100-250 missiles a day until they agreed to a cease fire. But you, the person who claims that all Israel supporters aren’t to be trust BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT ISRAEL, AND NO OTHER REASON, wants a better reason for why Israel “conducts 3 massive bombing campaigns.” It’s like I have to go over the rule of war with you. Like I have to sit you down and have a discussion about world history. Like I have to defend myself to a hate monger batshit nutbag who won’t accept Israel’s existence without a fight. Well,
      Toots, there’s reality, and then there’s you. And let’s face it: you are shit.

    • Corey Finnegan An Intifada is a Violent Uprising. Don’t bullshit with me, Corey. But you want to know what I know about the Palestinian perspective? Let’s start with history. The Palestinians of today were simply Arabs of yesterday, because the Palestinians of yesterday are the Israelis of today. I mean, you’re all about etymology, so let’s get that straight. Palestinians didn’t self-identify until after Arafat came to the table and began killing Jordanians (the original Arab state of Palestinian mandate) in 1970. Still with me? That was called Black Friday, and they protested the way Jordan treated Palestinian Arabs. The PLO as they called themselves then “got wise” and began attacking Israel and her citizens (like in 1972 during the Munich Games). The point being? No more Israel. Why? They say the Israelis stole their land. How? By the Arabs starting 4 wars and losing them all. Weird, huh?

      If I have you pegged correctly, you say Israel is an Imperialistic entity. For whom? America? Europe? You will need proof and etymology to tell me, so please do. If Imperialism doesn’t work, how about Colonialism? No, you can’t point to a developed country and say That is a Colony. Again…. history and the meaning of words. Look it up! What else…. Do Israelis throw Arabs out of homes and then take over the home? Again, you will need proof for that. You can’t just say things and expect us to accept them as fact. Sorry.

      I think I’ve proven that I “understand” the Palestinian historical perspective. Do you get the Jewish/Israeli perspective? Are you aware, for example, that hte 3rd holiest site in Islam is a 700 year old mosque built ontop the ashes of the holiest site in Judaism, which happens to be a 3000 year old Temple of which one wall is still standing. Are you aware of that? Are you aware that Jerusalem has always had a Judaic majority? Do you care? Finally, notice how often Israel makes peace deals? Of course you don’t. Why would you? They made peace with Egypt in 1979. With Jordan in 1999. And they made 3 concrete offers to the PA since 2000. But, yeah, it’s Israel warring away. And Intifada means Tea Parties With Stuffed Toys.

      You are a joke.

    • Brent Slensker If I threw 10,000 eggs at your house, the police would arrest me. If I shot 10,000 rounds into the air, the police would shoot me. But I guess those don’t work when you’re pounding the keyboard about a land you clearly have no idea about. BS are great initials for you.

      So just to be clear. You’re totally cool with starting wars and murdering Israelis because you think the Israelis are stealing land. And you live in New Mexico? Are you for real?

    • The easiest and fastest way to stop this is for the settlers to get the hell back to where they came from . What do you expect occupied people to do ? send their oppressors and occupiers a bouquet of flowers?

    • Corey Finnegan go fuck yourself for calling legitimate resistance “inexcusable!” Go take your imperialist moralism somewhere else! It is right to rebel against imperialism!

    • Asher B. Garber I don’t CARE who Israelis make peace deals with. I don’t CARE which shrine is built on which shrine. If Jews had been in control @ the time–it wouldn’t have been,

    • Asher B. Garber I don’t CARE who Israelis make peace deals with. I don’t CARE which shrine is built on which shrine. If Jews had been in control @ the time–it wouldn’t have been,

    • Asher B. Garber I don’t CARE who Israelis make peace deals with. I don’t CARE which shrine is built on which shrine. If Jews had been in control @ the time–it wouldn’t have been,

    • Asher B. Garber I don’t CARE who Israelis make peace deals with. I don’t CARE which shrine is built on which shrine. If Jews had been in control @ the time–it wouldn’t have been,

    • Asher B. Garber I don’t CARE who Israelis make peace deals with. I don’t CARE which shrine is built on which shrine. If Jews had been in control @ the time–it wouldn’t have been,

    • Your a fucking idiot. Intefada means uprising. And we Palestinians have the right to resist these Eastern European occupiers. What kind of man should let someone come to his motherland and declare it a Jewish state and force all the rightful owners out. Before 1948 under Muslim governance Jews Muslims and Christians where living together as brothers as Palestinians. Palestinian Jews native tongue is Arabic and they reject the Zionist state till this day.

  3. Another example of politicians ensuring profit from persecution! Israel does nothing for America, and in turn America treats it better than any of the 50 states. The human rights police turn a blind eye, and when people do speak up, they are labeled antisemitic and bigots, sounds so familiar to agenda powerful people want to progress, free of any opposition! How do you really think any of these people can care about “black” issues, if they are cool with the oppression of another class of people? Just because they are black, doesn’t mean a thing!

  4. I don’t recall anyone in the South during the fight for Civil Rights stabbing 13 year-old girls in their sleep. Stop equating Palestinians with Civil Rights heroes, and stop equating Israelis as South Africans imposing Apartheid. These are false narratives that do nothing to promote peace in the region, and do nothing to actually help the Palestinian cause. Sellers is spot on.

    • Perhaps you should stop throwing out stereotypes and racist, blanket assertions about an entire nation of people without a shred of evidence to back them up. And perhaps you should check your own glass house before throwing “false narrative” stones wildly.

  5. Anti-Arab Racism is the water Democrats swim in. It’s the air they breathe. They cannot even call a military occupation an “occupation”, because only people can be occupied and Democrats are in agreement that Arabs are not people.

    A vote for this party is a vote for Apartheid.

    • Open your eyes man. Do you think Israeli Jews respect Christianity. Think again. Just duly tube it brother. I hate seeing someone so blinded. They mock Jesus Christ Daily. May peace be upon him. You should be standing with the Palestinian Christians who are the oldest Christian community in the world and they are being run out of there homeland. Denied entry into there beloved churches in Jerusalem. Nearly 40 % of Palestine was Christian. Now I shake my head at guys like you when it’s Sunday in Jerusalem and the churches and almost empty. Palestinian Christians and Muslims are united as 1 and suffer because people like you think your doing the right thing when you send your pay check to Israeli oppressors. Just open your eyes buddy. Do some research. I don’t blame you for being misguided. The Zionist propaganda is very storing. But we Are stronger. One day my pale Christian brother and sisters will return and will will rejoice

  6. This letter is absolute, utter garbage. Why are the Establishment “black leader” Democrats working so hard for their closet-White-Supremacist, racist Puppet Masters? Do they no realize that they are being used as black-face, in order to catapult the New World Order agenda? This is so embarassing and the more that the Clinton powerhouse/George Soros uses AFRICAN AMERICANS/BLACK PEOPLE as BLACK-FACE for their bullshite, the more and more that I despise the Democratic party. There is is much to say but I am just going to put this here for now. Just WOW! Please someone make them stop this madness.

  7. sad really for these poor black guys. All the white and Israelie ass they kiss they will still be seen as black by the two most racist groups around. I think it´s called digging your own grave.

  8. Marc Lamont, you’re wrong wrong and wrong. When the Palestinians acknwledge Israel as a nation and a people, stop supporting Hamas and Hezbollah, and other terrorist groups, then and only then, will Palestine be accepted as a ligitimate cause. Get real man.

  9. I can kill hrc and the dnc integrity…..in 93 hrc supported all aipac positions…1. 2 s s….viable and contiguous…..she kissed arafats wife….she wanted peres to win 96 election not netanyahu …she supported oslo…today aipac and hrc have backtraked on all these positions. ….she has moved away from.peace and encouraged netayahu and israel intrinsigence….she and the us r complicit with eretz israeli expansionism

  10. Chalk another one up for the U S. contractors who sell weapons of war to Israel. If I were in charge, I’d cut off those Israeli S.O.B.s so fast they’d have to stop their occupation immediately or risk being occupied themselves–by whom, I wouldn’t care. Iran might be good candidate.

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