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The UK’s Next Prime Minister

Theresa May

In a time of uncertainty for the UK, one thing is certain: Theresa May will be the new Prime Minister.

It came as a shock when her competitor Andrea Leadson, also a member of the Conservative party, abruptly dropped out of the race on Monday. It was planned that the two would work to win over a ballot of about 150,000 Conservative Party members in a race that would be decided by September 9th. Now with May left as the only candidate, she may take over the office much sooner than that. She won overwhelming support in the first and second rounds of voting on June 5th and 7th, forcing Liam Fox and Stephen Crabb out of the race, then Michael Grove in the second. In conceding, Leadson “concluded that the interests of our country are best served by the immediate appointment of a strong and well supported prime minister.”

The United Kingdom has been thrown into the spotlight since it voted in June to leave the European Union with 52% voting to leave and 48% to stay. A few hours after the vote, current prime minister David Cameron announced that he would resign the office, saying that the country needed “fresh leadership”.

Although the vote to leave the European Union was not legally binding and she supported the ‘remain’ ticket, May will undoubtedly honor the vote, saying “Brexit means Brexit”.

Theresa May will be the second woman to serve as prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, known worldwide as the Iron Lady. She served three consecutive terms from 1979 to 1990, with political philosophies and economic policies emphasizing deregulation, privatization of government-run companies, and union busting.

There are still constitutional procedures to be observed before she is confirmed, but Conservative Party head Graham Brady said it will be done as soon as possible.

In the next few weeks, May will be developing her economic plan for the United Kingdom without the European Union.


Written by Hank Jirousek

The rhetorical baby-faced killer: Chicago-based.

Hank Jirousek is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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