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Finding Tomorrow

I boarded the Love Train several months ago. The Political Revolution is just what my country needed to begin the process of real change. A process that I have longed for most of my adult life. Changes in priorities that signalled a better life and a more fair society. Nothing less than living up to our claims of opportunity and meritocracy. A destiny I knew I would not see in my lifetime. I needed a way to make that future real for my children and their children or start the process, at the very least. I found a way.

I needed a way to do more. A way to have an impact. To reach people to share my thoughts and hear theirs. To exchange ideas and enjoy fellowship. To reach out to souls that wanted what I wanted. Ben Dixon asked me if I could write. I found my voice.

Change is always hard. It is even more challenging when the powers-that-be and the very society I wanted to change were arrayed against me. Even people that should be on my side could not see what I saw. Knowing this would be a rough ride, I needed more than fellow riders. I needed co-conspirators. People that would stand with me even if I felt I could not go on. I found a movement.

We met. We talked. We conspired to level playing fields, to banish poverty, to eliminate police brutality, to end wars, restructure our energy system and much more. We thought big. We let our political and policy imaginations run free. Untethered from convention, our hearts lightened. We dared to dream of something greater. No matter what, we stuck together. We needed solidarity. We found a family.

I tweeted you. I emailed you. We chatted about a new way of thinking. A dawning of new possibility. Against the odds, you and I stood shoulder-to-shoulder and took on all comers. We marched. We protested. We donated. Above all things, we believed. You and I believed then, and we must believe now. To become our own leaders to continue the fight under any and all circumstances into tomorrow. I needed fighters that would do battle until we reached our lofty aims. I found you.

We Found Our Way to Tomorrow- Together

Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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  1. Michael,
    I am with you still! We are with each other, some of us are over come with emotions, but grief is swift when hope is alive.

    Be proud of this work! It is Beautiful and Hopeful.
    Thank you Michael for being human and exceptional. Thank you for sharing you with me, and with all of this Family!

    Hope is Here because of US! Never lose your belief in humanity and in America.
    PS – They picked the wrong candidate, the polls show the misstep and the misread of US. Her %’s are falling as we knew they would, and there is still 11 days till that roll call vote. The polls are looking grim for the Dems today and no one is giving the the almighty $ they expected from US.

    He had no choice you know? He had to endorse, but he did not concede.

    It is an honor to be introduced to you by President Bernie Sanders.


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