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#DNCLeaks, Kaine and My View of #DemExit

#DNCLeaks, Kaine and My View of #DemExit

First of all, I must say #DNCLeaks has me reeling. Just wow…

In my last article, I did my best to soothe the spirits and bring us together as Berners and Progressives. I sincerely hope it helped. This article will be a little different. Buckle up!


This tweet pretty much sums up the aftermath of the Guccifer 2.0 leak of internal communications from the DNC. WikiLeaks, usually an unimpeachable source for Liberals, provided a searchable archive version of the emails. It is a veritable treasure trove of evidence of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee, and Clinton Campaign colluding to push Bernie Sanders out. Berners have been saying it from Day 1. Yet, Hillary folks have tried everything from “it’s all in your head” to “what did you expect.” This is what we expected from the DNC and its Chair:


Impartiality. That is all we required. It’s in the DNC Charter and Bylaws (Page 8). Read it for yourself.

Team Bernie never believed that a longtime Clintonite like Schultz would not be biased. In fact, we have been lobbying for her to step down since 2015. We didn’t need Guccifer 2.0 or WikiLeaks to see the obvious – that the DNC was in the tank for Hillary from the very beginning. We were told we were paranoid & delusional. Here’s the thing about Berners, we are very clear on how the world actually works. We are grounded in rock-solid principle. It is very hard to fool us with phony electioneering and paid Twitter trolls.

Now the DNC heads into the convention with their dirty laundry flapping in the breeze. In addition, more emails may be forthcoming. We may be looking at a contested convention. However, it will require Bernie Sanders to climb aboard. We shall see. But, the climate is right.

Trump is already beating the drums about the unfair Dem nomination and “Crooked Hillary.” Most of all, the price for the #DNCLeaks will be dear in the general election for the already-compromised Clinton campaign. If she gets through the convention, that is.

Tim Kaine

I don’t always agree with them and find their motives too suspect. But, Hillary is surrounded by some brilliant Women, People of Color and Women of Color. However, she went back to the “bland White guy” well. Even after all this talk of intersectionality and big tents. Needless to say, many people are disappointed.

Jennifer Granholm called him “woke.” They tell us he was a Civil Rights lawyer and mayor of a town with actual Black people in it. These are the same folks that denigrated this guy:


Yeah. No. You cannot use Civil Rights as your personal “sliding scale litmus test.” Not on my watch.

Here’s the reality: Wall Street picked him. The Donor Class was pushing out your fave, Elizabeth Warren while lobbying for Virginia’s Tim Kaine to go first in the draft. Consequently, they got what they wanted. Indefensible.

Kaine_WS_PickOther cool stuff about “progressive” Timmy K – supported the Hyde Amendment, voted to fast-track the #TPP, supports offshore drilling and urged Federal regulators to go easy on the banks. He is the very definition of a Neoliberal.

My View of #DemExit

Like many of you, I’m on some serious “F**k the Dems” sh*t. However, my opinion is entirely different from my #DemExit Bernie Fam. While I love and respect them all, I say we flood the Dems with hardcore Progressives, indies, and millennials. Because we have the sheer numbers, we can beat DNC electoral shenanigans. We decide the nominees up and down the ballot in one of the two primary parties. Register Dem while placing your activism elsewhere – organizations like #BrandNewCongress, the Green party, new Progressive parties, Anarchists, whatever. Every 2-4 years we come together to bum rush the ballot box for Progressive candidates. Eventually, we will tip the scales. Perhaps, as soon as 2020. No matter what happens, they will have to bow down in time.

Particularly relevant, walking away only serves to consolidate their power. DemExit also leaves good, strong Progressives that have put it all on the line to run as Dems all alone. All that progress will be lost. Furthermore, we should force the DNC to face our wrath every day from within the party. Fight them tooth-and-nail every step of the way.

Hippies are punching back now. Thank GOODNESS!!! Let’s show them we can kick their asses in their house, day after day. That is how we make the country better in the short & medium term. I honestly do not see another option that affects change within the next 10-15 years.

For more, follow me on Twitter- @blupfront or look for me here at ProgressiveArmy.com.


Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. Whole thing is unreal. Love that some think she’ll step aside. She’s way too power hungry. She’s the most crooked candidate in history. I could go Green, libertarian, even Trump. No way I vote for her.

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