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Blaming Bernie is Dumb

First, let’s level-set this conversation at the outset. We are going to start with a set of indisputable facts that will help the dense understand where many Bernie voters are coming from. 1) Bernie was cheated by the DNC, the media & the Clinton campaign; 2) the Clinton campaign is a rambling mess with a hugely unpopular candidate that can’t pull away from an even less popular candidate; 3) we live in a corrupt oligarchy and 4) Bernie has been a good soldier since the convention.

Dumb Articles

Recently, panic set in at Camp Clinton. Trump is neck-and-neck with Hillary in national polls. This should be over by now. It’s not. Instead the “left” has dutifully picked up their buckets and began hauling water like an aerial firefighter. Last week, old comical Matty was doing his part. This week it’s Kevin Drum of Mother Jones. MoJo handed over control of their publication to Clinton Central some time ago. Kevin Drum, in particular, has been extra skeevy.

This headline is bull5hit.


Honestly, the assumption that the most informed and engaged generation in American history cannot think for themselves is galling. They have the Google and they USE it.


But, wait. There’s more from this crappy missive:

There’s a reason that very young millennials are strongly anti-Clinton even though the same age group supported Obama energetically during his elections—and it’s not because their policy views are very different. A small part of it is probably just that Clinton is 68 years old (though Sanders was older). Part of it is probably that she isn’t the inspirational speaker Obama was. But most of it can be laid at the feet of Bernie Sanders. He convinced young voters that Hillary Clinton was a shifty, corrupt, lying shill who cared nothing for real progressive values—despite a literal lifetime of fighting for them. Sadly, that stuck.

GTFOH, Kevin! That is one dumb paragraph. Writing that should have been painful. I know reading it was. If Bernie had hit Hillary with all the force of the Clinton record, she would be facing pneumonia from the comfort of her home. On the couch watching the big show like Tony Romo does every year. No amount of DNC/media collusion would have been able to save her. To act as if the Clinton’s are babes in the woods is utterly ludicrous.

Reality Check

The Clinton legislative record is HORRID. They were wrong about crime. Wrong about poverty. Wrong about the economy. Really wrong about Bernie supporters. Wrong about Black-checking for Hillary. Wrong about Foreign Policy. The DNC was selling ambassadorships to support Hillary, for goodness sake.

Without the DNC, big money and media lackeys propping it up, the neoliberal Clinton Campaign would be over. They actually paid #MillionDollarTrolls to go after Bernie supporters online. All the false, hysterical accusations of racism and sexism. The gaslighting was downright cruel. The #DNCleak is still revealing the extent of how much Millennials and Progressives were f–ked this cycle.

The establishment thought people were just going to get in, line up and ignore all the facts. That’s not Bernie’s fault. That is their fault.


Here’s the real:

We voted for the guy with overwhelming support from young voters (over 80%). He also beat Trump by double digits in nearly every national poll. He appealed to a broader segment of American society. If defeating Trump was your real goal, you should have supported Bernie. You didn’t. Then you all had the nerve to cheat or enable the cheating. Therefore, save your breath and cyber ink on the Trump fear.

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.


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  1. Absolutely! Only HRC herself is responsible for her awful poll numbers. She’s proven to the public that she is a liar, that’s full of regret & apologies….when she’s caught! The policies she’s backed have been detrimental overall and show that her judgement and decision making skills are lacking to say the least. Time for a real true government overhaul. We will NOT get that change with Clinton

  2. They blame millennials and Bernie, but is their generations that voted for Bush & Obama, & now Clinton whose policies have brought us to this point, not the millennials. Obama is 55, my age. Frankly, the future belongs to the millennials & we should be listening to them. No one older should be bullying them, when it is the older generation who f’d things up because we just weren’t paying attention and weren’t really looking to the future like the millennials, gen X, gen y are.

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