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Obama is NOT Saving Standing Rock

The headlines flew around the web “Obama is going to save Standing Rock”. I was elated finally something was going to be done. Then I was deflated all in the space of time that it took me to watch the video of what he actually said. There were a lot of click bait generating comments in his statement. It all sounded very lofty and noble on the surface. It was all great press but it wasn’t a plan nor a promise of any action.

“We are going to let this play out for several more weeks and determine whether or not this could be resolved in a way that is properly attentive to the traditions of the First Americans. This is not a plan folks, this is what you call biding your time.

Have you been monitoring this closely? Have you really? Because it would seem to me that the atrocious way the Water Protectors have been treated would have spurred you into action long before now. Play out for several more weeks? Really, why?! This protest has been going on since April how much more time do you need to make a determination that we can’t continue stealing the same land from the same people nor desecrating hallowed ground in the name of the all mighty dollar. Then “…determine whether OR NOT this could be resolved…”

This is not an action plan, it’s a stalling tactic. There are only 8 weeks until the end of this year and then we are in January. You know what happens in January? Inauguration day. President Obama, it seems as if you no longer feel this is your problem. Prove me wrong.

When the Now This reporter asks if there is something that can be done about the way the Water Protectors are being treated you drop the ball completely. “it’s a challenging situation” You know what is challenging? Having your water supply threatened on your own land and when you protest having no legal recourse and having your voices largely ignored. We see daily footage of peaceful Water Protectors being attacked by authorities and privately hired “security agents”. Pepper spray, rubber bullets, and attack dogs. How much longer do you need to decide if you are going to protect citizens from these domestic threats?

Your “general rule” should be to put some boots on the ground in North Dakota to put a stop to attacks on peaceful American citizens and stop pretending you don’t see what we see. I want you to stand by what you promised just over a month ago, September 26, 2016, at The White House Tribal Nations Conference. “Together we strengthen your sovereignty.” Together would seem to imply you planned on being a part of the process, not shuffling your feet until such time you can hand it off to your successor.

President Obama, DO BETTER!

Written by Pamela Getz

Writer and Activist. Follow Pamela on Twitter @goddesspamela.

Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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