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Dear Clinton Supporter, I Don’t Care If You’re Afraid Of A Trump Win

Bernie Sanders supporter crying at Democratic National Convention. MARY ALTAFFER/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Bernie Sanders supporter crying at Democratic National Convention. MARY ALTAFFER/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Dear Hillary Clinton Supporter,

I am normally an empathetic, open-minded, and forgiving person. That is why, when I was listening to a friend (who supports Clinton) express fear of a Donald Trump win tomorrow, I was surprised to feel how callous I felt.

Calling his supporters racists, she asked why Trump had so much support and I tried to explain my understanding from people I know who support Trump. Then she said, “It’s unfair!” when I explained his populist, outsider/anti-establishment message. And that’s when it hit me.

I don’t care when a Clinton supporter tells me how worried or afraid they are if Trump wins. And the reason why is simple: They didn’t care when I expressed my frustration, anger, and sorrow at Bernie Sanders’s defeat. They told me I was wrong, that I was spouting conspiracy theories, and that I needed to get over it and get behind Clinton to beat Trump.

Yet, over the past few months, I have seen evidence time and again that proved what I and other Sanders supporters were saying was true. The Democratic primary was rigged against him. No one can refute that now (although I’m sure plenty still will). Here is a list of the ways in which the “system was rigged” (to steal a Trump phrase) against Sanders and/or in favor of Clinton:

  • The primary debate schedule was created to favor Clinton.
  • There were discussions in 2014 about moving primary dates around to benefit Clinton if she encountered “a significant primary challenger.” The same email also discussed increasing “absentees for caucuses.”
  • The media often worked with the Clinton campaign to write stories and create hit pieces on Sanders (such as the story pitched to the Daily Beast, although there are many others)
  • Donna Brazile, who worked with CNN, gave Clinton debate questions in advance, including two MORE questions that were revealed in an email released tonight.
  • The Democratic National Convention treated Sanders delegates horribly, censoring their protests, signs, and other forms of speech.
  • Also at the Convention, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) did not allow prominent Sanders surrogate Nina Turner to speak. No reason was given, prompting a widespread outcry from Sanders supporters, including a march in support of Turner.
  • The DNC wanted to elevate extreme, “pied piper” candidates for Clinton to go against.
  • The supposedly neutral DNC wrote up a series of talking points on the disputed Nevada state convention, trying to pin the blame on Sanders and his supporters. (Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) called Jeff Weaver (the Sanders campaign manager) a “damn liar” for his statements on Nevada.)
  • Union leaders wanted to punish the National Nurses United and donors told Tulsi Gabbard they would no longer be giving her money – all because they publicly declared their support for Sanders.
  • The provision to reduce the number of superdelegates doesn’t matter and was just given to Sanders supporters so they could “think they’ve ‘won’ something.”
  • A group of women senators was asked to confront Sanders about running a negative campaign so that the press could later use that to push the narrative that Sanders is a sexist.
  • Prior to Clinton announcing that she was running, there was a discussion about DWS needing to make sure she scheduled meetings with other candidates to appear to be giving everyone fair consideration.
  • In 2014, there were discussions between Robert Mook (current Clinton campaign manager) and other Clinton aides about DWS being supportive of choosing a general election planning/preparation person that was suggested by the Clinton campaign. They also talk about planning in Iowa.

As I read these emails, it kept the wound open. I have not forgiven the Democratic party for working endlessly to make sure Clinton was the nominee and never allowing anyone else to have a chance. I have not forgiven the way the Sanders delegates and volunteers at the convention were treated. And I have not forgiven the people who told me to grow up and get over it when I raised valid concerns and criticisms (which have now been proven to be true).

None of the Clinton supporters I know of has ever apologized to me or admitted they were wrong about saying I was wrong. None of them has told me they are sorry about the way Sanders was treated.

And when Clinton supporters do address the WikiLeaks emails, whether the DNC leak or Podesta emails, they usually say one of three things: Those are fake/illegitimate/Russia hacked them, all of that information is “old news,” or that’s just “politics as usual.”

It is for that reason that I can say to you, Clinton supporter: I don’t care how you feel about Clinton possibly losing.


A Bernie Sanders Supporter

Written by Raven Payne

Recently awakened progressive in pursuit of truth in all things.

Raven Payne is an Editor and Writer for Progressive Army, and a member of its Editorial Board.


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  1. This is some of the most childishly insane drivel I have ever read. I also supported Sanders in the Primary because I like his policies, but that does not mean I won’t support the Democratic candidate over any Repubnlican candidate (especially this one) because I AM A LIBERAL. I support the POLICIES of the Democratic party, and I believe the party and the country need a good strong dose of the left. To wish SAnders had won is understandable, but to say you don’t care if the Democratic party wins or not is assinine. Politics is about policy, otherwise you are just following some cult of personality not reasonable decision making.

    • Clinton in her own words is “center right”, not a liberal. Update your political spectrum please.

      The policies of the Democratic party should be obvious:
      – enrich the already rich at everyone elses expense
      – do not feel obligated to follow the law or respect the consent of the govern (or lack thereof)
      – refuse to even consider ever reforming their selfish and awful policies

      Under such an abysmal platform it is understandable to not want a Democrat to win.

    • You really need to be schooled about the Clintons and the Demoncraps. Until three weeks ago, I was a lifelong Dem from a family of Dems. Now, I’m an Independent. I could no longer bear the shame of supporting a party that is scarcely distinguishable from the Repukes in its support of the corrupt, lawless oligarchy. I also cannot condone election fraud. Please do not waste your breath saying it didn’t happen, since I have friends who suffered the fraud directly. The Clintons have been DINOs since Day One; I campaigned for both in the 90s/early 2000s, then started reading about their real policies/stands on the issues. They then lost my support, as did Bernie when he sided with those cretins. Shillary is a pro-fracking, pro-Pharma, pro-Monsanto, war-mongering monster who has already committed war crimes. She has been funded by the evil Koch brothers, and I refuse to support anyone in their pockets. I held my nose to vote for Obama because he also had a DINO voting record in the Senate. I like him and his family, and I naively hoped he might drop his ties to Wall Street and the oligarchs; unfortunately, I was wrong. Now, my theme song is Won’t Get Fooled Again. I also detest Trump, after 20 years of living in Metro NY. The man is a bumbling trust-fund twerp who has run multiple businesses into the ground. I find his entire family and entourage repulsive. I wouldn’t vote for him if he were the last person on earth. This time, I am voting my conscience with Stein. If we cannot get her through now, we can at least secure the 5% of the votes we need to fully establish the Green Party. Some progress feels better than two dangerous alternatives.

    • I would agree, I trust the policies of the party. But that trust is contigent on trusting the elected leader of the party to execute them, too. Unfortunately, I don’t trust Clinton to do that (several of the policies were met with extreme resistence), nor the Democratic party any longer after recent revelations (Obama 2x voter here).

      Basically, I would agree, but unfortunately reality can’t support that pragmatism. We’ll get a few nice Democratic things while proxy wars burn other countries and banks enjoy exclusive prosperity back home.

    • Alex Hughes-Walton “Demoncraps” “Repukes” “Shillary”…. It’s possible to get your point across and actually convince people to agree with you by refraining from this, frankly, childish form of insults.

    • Alex Hughes-Walton I hope you are all close to retirement age and have good healthcare provided by your employer. Now that the Republicans are in charge Social Security age is going to be raised to 71 yrs and AHC to going to cancelled. No one turned their back on Bernie, Democrats had adopted many of Bernie’s platforms. Trump is a snake. He will deregulate banks, safety on the job, pollute the environment, etc. I have my theory, Berners were psychologically duped into not trusting Hillary….good for you, Trump is now our President and the Republicans are in charge. I hope all of you fear the next four years…but after all this is what you wanted..Right?

  2. One of the things about being an Independent is learning to truly walk alone. Bernie’s supporters don’t understand that a party is going to be loyal to its loyal members. Quid.pro.quo.

    Dry your eyes, roll up your sleeves, and start chipping away at the Dems support. You can’t be “progressive” and aid or abet GOP facism.

    • If Hillary wins, you’re gonna see what fascism REALLY looks like. Fascim is not a clown making a lot of noises. Fascism is cold, ruthless and efficient. You DNC loyals – and a lot of others yet, even anti-Hillary, you haven’t grasped what you’re up against. How do you call someone who already controls the media narrative, has the law enforcement agencies in her pocket, as well as the legislative power, because all establishment democrats and republicns are behind her, let’s face it, and walks hand in hand with corporations? That’s the DEFINITION of fascism.

  3. I STILL support Bernie. I believe him and I trust him. He’s telling me not to throw away a vote. He’s urging me to vote for Clinton. He’s planning on pushing hard on Ms Clinton, to assure tht progressive ideas and action are not ignored. The fact that you’ve turned your back on Bernie says to me that you never had the backbone in the first place. It also tells me you’re prone to childish tantrums, which are of no use in something so serious as the 2016 presidential election. If your commitment to Bernie was so fragile in the first place, then your little screed here is just that… a childish tantrum (Ravin’ pain). “If I didn’t get my way, I’m taking my ball and going home!”
    What use does it serve, beyond your need to whine???? Get serious. If you truly supported Sanders, you’d still be listening to him. You’ve revealed here something about yourself that even you cannot see in front of you.

    • Sanders was very explicit about how if he ever told anyone who to vote for that no one should listen to him.

      Rationalize all you like, you’re supporting a candidate who has no respect for the consent for the governed or the rule of law.

    • To you, Bernie Sanders might be a god and can do no wrong. To me, Bernie opened our eyes to the corruption of Hillary Clinton and Wikileaks has backed it and proved it. Voting for corruption is accepting it, and that’s wrong. Even if your name is Bernie Sanders.

    • I’m sorry to be blunt, Jet, but you are a fool, just like Bernie. Bernie was used by the oligarch-backed Clinton machine; it’s increasingly obvious he knew he was being used, which makes many of us even angrier. It was incredibly disingenuous of Sanders to solicit money that he knew would go to Shillary in the end. Trump is also a false flag; he’s just a tool to frighten voters toward execrable Shillary. How can any true Bernie supporter back a woman who is pro-fracking, supports Monsanto and Big Pharma, wants to privatize SS and Medicare, is a war-monger and war criminal. Worse still, her oligarch masters will never permit Bernie to hold her feet to the fire for progressive causes. You are the one who is delusional. I hope you don’t have kids. In Shillary world, they’ll be fed to the oligarchs’ war machine.

  4. Boy you really put us in our place didn’t you, you let a racist narccistic bigot who has no filter and doesn’t care about you or me take over the most important position of our nation. And you feel justified in your juvenile rant. Grow up and think about others, you just portrayed yourself as one hell of a spoiled brat, hell that’s what Bernie would tell you. I was for Bernie, but I did what Bernie ask and I voted Clinton. Hows it feel to have stabbed Bernie in the back.

  5. Bernie or bust? Congratulations, you got your second choice. Hope you can live with it when one of the first things Trump does if to nominate a Supreme Court justice who, I’m sure will live up to the Bernie’s values.

    • Not only am I loving watching Clinton supporters pissed off at their loss, but I’m looking forward to it happening AGAIN in 2020 since you smug retards refused to listen to the working class. 15 million have left the democratic party in the last 4 months. More are leaving now on account of Perez. Keep going with your corporatism and soon you won’t even be a viable party. Its what you deserve after screwing over the progressives for 30 years – have fun trying to win elections without us!

  6. gotta be a white guy….petulant…drivel…. if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Such immature “gotcha!” and “see how it feels?” is the process of a child. I am devoted to the progessive movement, but this bolg post shames me.

    • People are working for slave wages, holding 2-3 jobs to barely eat, dying from preventable issues along with the entire planet and you want to call us “petulant children”? Could you get more smug? How did it feel when Trump won and you seen what pissing all over the working class will get your DNC? Watch it happen again in 2020, since the corporate establishment response is to insult their base instead of represent them – that is, if a violent revolution doesn’t break out before hand, because people over here in the rust belt have been saying they would sooner fire bomb the DNC than vote for it as long as they run a corporate sycophant.

  7. Now that you got that out of your system let me ask you some questions.

    1. What about all the Sanders supporters that backed Hillary Clinton in the National Election?
    2. How are you going to feel if the next Supreme Court justice is in the mold of Scalia? Someone that believes spending money on political campaigns is free speech. Someone that thinks the decision the Supreme Court made on Citizens United was right. Someone that believes that corporations are entitled to the same rights as people?
    3. If Trump follows through and gets his last tax plan passed lowering the top marginal rate which will lead to more income inequality>

    I’ve been a fan of Bernie for over a decade listening to him every Friday on the Thom Hartman show. I’m upset that DNC worked to give Hillary Clinton an advantage but I’m still going to look at the big picture.

    If you were really a Bernie Sanders supporter then you lost last night too.

  8. Yeah no free college for you. No free healthcare. No raise in the minumum wage. Better start paying on that college loan because the banks are going to jack that interest up you will be lucky to pay it off before you die. I already paid my student loan off. The Democratic Party will go on and grow. We will win some and lose some. But we will never give up the fight.

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