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Six People Who Need to Shut the Hell Up

You need to shut the hell up if you:

1. Voted for Trump
Seriously, just f*** you.

2. Claimed to support Sen. Bernie Sanders and Voted for Trump
You also get a hearty F*** you! You never understood anything about what Bernie Sanders stood for or the progressive movement if you actively voted for President-Elect Agent Orange. You became the Faux News watching, tea bagging, asshats that you have been complaining about for the past 8 years. Willing to take any opportunity to stick it to Hillary that you were “willing to vote against your own best interest“. (That line sound familiar?)

3. Are a Hillary Supporter who chastised Bernie Supporters for being whiney babies who needed to grow up.
We asked for your candidate to address the policies and issues we were concerned with and she didn’t. WE TOLD YOU WE WEREN’T SHOWING UP FOR HER! Crying now about “but the polls said…” just proves you weren’t listening to Progressives, which has been and continues to be our complaint with the DNC.

4. Are Complaining about “Protest Votes”
You cannot brag about how Hillary has unprecedentedly won the popular vote but lost because of the 4.92% (as of this writing) of the vote that went to third parties. The system is seriously broken. If you had been listening to Progressives when we complained that we were cheated out of our say during the primaries you would have been prepared. But no, you were too busy browbeating people on social media that your candidate won fair and square, we were sore losers and we had to unite behind the party. The same party that we felt at best ignored us and at worst cheated us.

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5. Are upset that some people didn’t vote and/or are protesting
This election was a nightmare, no matter who you ask. We were handed a shit show and
asked to decide which pile stunk less. No one is obligated to vote. And as Mike Rowe so eloquently pointed out, our problem may be that too many people that currently vote have no idea for what or why they are voting. You are no better than the people who chastised Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the anthem. I’d also like to point out he seems to be correct in his reasoning. Please see number four above. Hillary won the popular vote, people got out there and voted, Agent Orange still won. She didn’t lose because not enough people voted for her. THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN and has no interest in correcting itself.

6. Voted for Trump
Again, F*** you very much for happily voting to screw us all over.

Written by Pamela Getz

Writer and Activist. Follow Pamela on Twitter @goddesspamela.

Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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Six People Who Need to Shut the Hell Up