BREAKING NEWS: Suspect Used Knife and Car in Attack at OSU

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Image of OSU campus during the active shooter situation.
Image of OSU campus during the active shooter situation. Source: Tweet from The Lantern.

What we know today: Nov 29, 2016, 3:22 P. M. EST
The attack at OSU yesterday that left 11 people injured has been claimed by ISIS and they refer to Abdul Razak Ali Artan as one of their soldiers. The Somali community in Columbus, OH have denounced the attacks according to Reuters.

Update 4: 3:36 P.M. EST

The attacker is being identified as a Somali refugee who has been in the US since 2014, 18 year old, Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

Update 3: 1:14 P.M. EST
From press conference held at OSU:
The number injured adjusted back to 9 to include a female victim just arriving at OSU Medical who had been hiding.

A male suspect drove up on curb into a crowd of people then jumped from the vehicle and started to attack people with a butcher’s knife. The injuries received at the OSU hospital were cuts and lacerations from being attacked with a knife and orthopedic injuries from being struck by  the vehicle. An OSU officer engaged and shot the suspect in order to end the attack. There were rumors of a second attacker that have not at this time, been found credible and it is believed to be the actions of one person who was shot and killed at the scene. Suspect believed to be from the Ohio area but no name has been released.

Some buildings are still closed as a precaution and the investigation is still ongoing. The authorities have not been able to complete a search of the vehicle used in the attack at the time of this update. Classes have been canceled for the rest of the day at OSU.

Update 2: 12:44 P.M. EST
The number of injured people updated to 10 and one of those critical. The area is secure but officials are still processing the scene. The suspect has not been named and there is no information as to a motive at this time. The University President scheduled to speak later this afternoon.


Update 1: 12:00 P.M. EST
Shelter in place has been lifted. Reports suggest that the attacker used a knife (that may have been a machete) and a car and that possibly the shots heard were from law enforcement officers, not the attacker. There is believed to only be one suspect at the time of this post.

All injuries are being reported as non-life-threatening at this time, with multiple stab wounds being treated.

Note: The headline has been updated to reflect this new information.

Original Article text

An active shooter situation is ongoing in Columbus, Ohio at OSU. One suspect reported dead, but the situation is ongoing. At this time, 9 people are reported injured, one critically, from the Columbus Dispatch. There are reports that the attacks started with someone wielding a knife and then gunshots were heard.


Authorities are telling students “Run, Hide, or Fight”  and for those hiding, to “shelter in place.”

A large presence of first responders are on site and the situation has not been resolved and it is unclear at this time if there is more than one shooter that they are looking to apprehend. At this time there is no information on any motive behind the shooting.

Updates as they become available.





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Image of OSU campus during the active shooter situation.

BREAKING NEWS: Suspect Used Knife and Car in Attack at OSU