SPLASH! Recap of December 12, 2016

News Making A Splash Today Will Have Ripple Effects Tomorrow

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Donald Trump Expected to Pick Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State

The New York Times – After rumors of Rex Tillerson as being Trump’s pick for Secretary of State over the weekend, it appears that Tillerson will be the pick. The New York Times reports that Trump is expected to formally announce his pick on Tuesday morning. Tillerson is the CEO of Exxon Mobil and, as CEO, has made several business deals with Russia, making people concerned that he has too close a relationship with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin.

Early Tuesday morning, the pick was made official. Trump issued the following statement on Tillerson: “He will be a forceful and clear-eyed advocate for America’s vital national interests, and help reverse years of misguided foreign policies and actions that have weakened America’s security and standing in the world.”

Clinton Campaign Calls for Intelligence Briefing on Russia Hacks Before Electoral College Votes

Politico – John Podesta has confirmed that the Hillary Clinton campaign is supporting calls for members of the Electoral College to receive an intelligence briefing on the alleged Russian intervention in the recent presidential election.

Benghazi Committee Finally Ends

CNN – The House Select Committee on Benghazi was formed in May 2014. The committee spent its time between now and then investigating the situation surrounding the attack in Benghazi where four Americans died. It issued report after report on the situation, but never really found proof for what it was searching for: clear evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.

Notable moments from the committee’s work include interviewing Clinton for over 8 hours in October 2015 and issuing an 800-page report in June 2016 that barely contained any new information. The committee’s final report was issued last week and contained little information that wasn’t discussed in the June report.

Senate passes historic endorsement of open government data

The Sunlight Foundation – Alex Howard of the Sunlight Foundation offers some good news today. A bill was passed that “requires government data assets to be published as machine-readable data in an open format that does not limit reuse and imposes a condition that no costs will be imposed.” The logic behind those endorsing the bill is that since taxpayer dollars funded those creating the documents, taxpayers ought to be able to review such documents.

Written by Raven Payne

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Raven Payne is an Editor and Writer for Progressive Army, and a member of its Editorial Board.

Written by Andre Roberge

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Andre Roberge is a Researcher and Writer for Progressive Army.

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SPLASH! Recap of December 12, 2016