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Activists Organize for Bullard as Vote by Florida Democrats Nears

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A group of Florida Democratic Party members is organizing to resist what they believe is a calculated move by established members of Florida’s Democratic Party to subvert Miami-Dade Democrats’ local elections. Within hours of receiving controversial Findings by a Special Committee of the Florida Democratic Party, progressive democrats began organizing.


The newly elected progressive party reformers who support former State Senator Bullard plan to travel from Orange, Osceola, Duval, St. John’s, Monroe, Walton and Brevard counties. They will converge in Miami with Miami-Dade Democrats, for a peaceful public demonstration at 6 p.m. ET on December 20, 2016. Organizers say they are committed to returning the Florida Democratic Party back to the people and away from big money donors.


Poster circulated on social media to notify party members of the peaceful protest depicts Bret Berlin as a puppet being manipulated by Stephen Bittel.

Sen. Bullard’s supporters created a Tumblr account entitled “Stand With Dwight”.The account contains a descriptive chronology of events, links to media reports, statements from Sen. Bullard, a Q&A section and features a video containing supportive messages from grassroots backers of Sen. Bullard.

Let’s Give the Party back to the People from Stacey Patel on Vimeo.

Following a six hour long Miami-Dade local election which ended near midnight on December 6th, multi-millionaire real estate developer and Democratic donor Stephen Bittel is now positioned to challenge progressive favorite, Bullard, for the positions of Miami-Dade State Committeeman and Florida Democratic Party Chair.

On December 13th, the progressive political organization Our Revolution endorsed Sen. Bullard as the progressive candidate in the race for Florida State Committeeman and FDP Chair. Many progressives expressed shock when Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) endorsed Bittel the day after Senator Sanders live streamed his endorsement of Rep. Ellison as National DNC Chair. That seat was left open when Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in disgrace after WikiLeaks published leaked DNC emails revealing DNC bias favoring Clinton over Sanders in the Democratic Primary. Stephen Bittel’s name was prominent in those leaked emails.

Some progressives question the absence of a public appearance and verbal endorsement of Bittel by Rep. Ellison. Speculation is that the weaker written endorsement indicates that Ellison may be in a tight spot following Our Revolution’s endorsement of Bullard. Others see this as a test of Rep. Ellison’s willingness to comply with demands of establishment Democrats. Ellison sits on the National Finance Committee. Bittel was appointed Co-Chair of that Committee by Wasserman Schultz in September 2015.



Written by Pamela John

Pamela is a Smith College Alum and Cultural Anthropologist. Full time activist for social justice and perpetual volunteer.

Managing Partner, Big Amp Media. Pamela John is a Writer for Progressive Army.

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Activists Organize for Bullard as Vote by Florida Democrats Nears