SPLASH! Recap of December 22, 2016

News Making A Splash Today Will Have Ripple Effects Tomorrow

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U. S. Drones Eliminate 28 Al Queda Suspected Militants

Politico – The Pentagon announced that between September and December of this year the U. S. Armed forces used drones to eliminate 28 suspected militants with terrorist ties in Yemen. Concerns over civilian casualties continue but the use of drones was defended by President Barack Obama earlier this month, touting regulations put into place to minimize the effect on innocent civilians.

Officer Assaults Mother Who Called Police About An Assault On Her 7-year-old

Roots – Yet another police brutality story involving a black family has come to light. A police officer in Fort Worth, Texas was videotaped by a member of the family of the mother, Jacqueline Craig, who called the police in regards to a neighbor grabbing her seven-year-old son and choking him for littering. The situation escalates when the police officer indicates that the concerned mother should teach her son not to litter and ignores the reported assault on the child. The video shows that as her daughters try to protect her from the violent behavior of the cop on the scene they are also arrested. Ms. Craig has legal counsel from Lee Merrit and at this time there is no word on the assault by the neighbor on the seven-year-old child.

Jewish Family Forced To Leave County After False Breitbart and Fox Reports

USUncut – A Jewish family was forced to leave their home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after Breitbart and Fox peddle false report that they were responsible for the cancellation of the school’s Christmas Play. The family states that their child was reportedly being bullied at school and that the Pizzagate shooting, where a man following a fake news story about a child sex ring connected with former Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, as enough incentive not to wait and see how their neighbors would react.

Centerville Elementary School reports that the cancellation was due to the amount of class time it would take to put on the production.  There was no connection between the play’s cancellation and the family asking that their son be excused from participating in the play because of heavy Christian themes.

Breitbart’s Executive Chairman has been chosen by President-Elect Donald J. Trump as Chief Strategist for the incoming administration.

California Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Registrations Revoked

AP – San Francisco officials claim that the registrations for the proclaimed ‘self-driving’ cars were illegally obtained and after the company and state officials couldn’t come to an agreement, Uber has removed the cars from operations in California. The dispute seems to arise from the term self-driving, with the company stating that though they promote the vehicles as self-driving they actually require a driver who could take control at any time and thus they are not required to specially register the vehicles.

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Pamela Getz is Editor of International Affairs for Progressive Army and a member of its Editorial Board.

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SPLASH! Recap of December 22, 2016