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Seattle Activists Plan Event to Defund DAPL

January 5th, at 3 PM, Meet at 915 2nd Ave, Across the Street From Wells Fargo Center

September 16th NoDAPL protest Seattle photo taken by Georgia Davenport

All across the country people have been closing their bank accounts and moving their money if their bank has been linked to funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. According to DeFundDAPL.org, a total of $43,637,516.62 has been divested thus far.

Thursday, January 5th, 350Seattle.org has organized a call to action to raise awareness and promote divestment in the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Between 3 and 4pm, a large number of Wells Fargo customers will close their accounts and lodge complaints with management at the Wells Fargo Center. Immediately following this, Native American activists and leaders will speak, sing, and drum. This will be led by Matt Remle, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the author of the Seattle Indigenous Peoples’ Day resolution.

The event will culminate with hundreds of people being led in a traditional Native American round-dance and encircling the Wells Fargo Center.

“For Native people, for Native institutions and for allies in this fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, divesting from these banks is the next step in our multi-faceted fight against DAPL,” said Matt Remle prior to the event.

According to the press release, Kshama Sawant is scheduled to speak at the event as well. She has been a strong advocate for the divestment movement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the middle of December, she introduced an ordinance that would essentially end Seattle’s banking relationship with Wells Fargo, which includes deposits valued at approximately 3 billion dollars. Sawant explicitly stands with NoDAPL activists and calls on other elected officials to do the same:

Elected officials nationwide owe it to the activists to stand with them. One clear way this City Council can do that is by divesting the City of Seattle from Wells Fargo, which also happens to be one of the principal financial backers of the Dakota Access Pipeline…With its nearly $500 million invested in the pipeline, Wells Fargo’s insatiable thirst for profits implies an utter disregard for native sacred land, water, and the planet’s future. Thousands of courageous tribal and environmental activists are protesting at Standing Rock, in the face of militaristic repression and crackdown. Elected officials have a moral obligation to stand with them.

It is with that sentiment I, along with many across the country, ask you to dress warm and meet this issue head-on with those in your community.

Organizations participating in the event include, but are not limited to, NDNs for justice, Seattle for Standing Rock, Our Revolution Washington, 43rd progressives, CARW, Women of Color Speak Out, Green Party of Washington and Seattle, and Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

For more information on this event, you can follow the Facebook event page.

Written by Andre Roberge

Father, Husband. Went to school for philosophy (university of WA) and now I work for a train company -- Interests include Labor Law, TILA, Unions, Paid Family Leave, Healthcare, Philosophy of Science, Fantasy Football and Open Government-- Fanboy of The Take Down with Nick Nowlin and The Way with Anoa. Follow Andre on Twitter @SubvertingPower.

Andre Roberge is a Researcher and Writer for Progressive Army.

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Seattle Activists Plan Event to Defund DAPL