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[Survey Results] The “Progress” In Progressive

What We Learned

[Survey Results] The “Progress” In Progressive

In my most recent article, I wrote about Progressives finding their priorities in order to focus their energies on the most important issues to all of us. Sadly, we aren’t really clear on what our highest priorities are based on broad consensus. As we cobble together our think tank for regular people, Tank~ish, it will be important to know where to focus our work. So, I put together a simple poll to kind of guide us.

Poll Methodology

Well, “methodology” is a strong word. I basically selected some broad Progressive topics and asked everyone to select their Top 3. Based on their own personal criteria. The poll was not easy for a lot of people. We Lefties are fragmented at the best of times.

There were a couple of goals here: 1) to force us to prioritize what is important and 2) see how connected all these issues are. The former gives us a window into what is important to all of us. The latter allows us to see how the issues impact each other and where they are connected. This helps us see the value of coalitions and tackling several problems by tackling one or two issues. This is extremely valuable for a young, resource-poor movement.

The Poll

The poll held a few surprises. The first being that we drew more responses than I anticipated. I would have been happy with 200 Americans clicking the link and 150 actually taking the poll. 1260 clicked the link from 28 countries with 1006 actually taking the poll. The top three countries that clicked the link were the United States (1,166), Canada (36) and the UK (10). Additionally, nearly 200 respondents chose to leave their email address. That is much appreciated. We will be doing more polls in the future. If you wish to add your contact information to the list, there will be a link at the bottom of this article.

Our Priorities

I’m going to give you the Top 5 issues for us based on the results:

5. End the Wars

End the Wars received 199 votes and  20% of all respondents making this one of their choices. This is something that I am glad we still see as a priority.

4. Universal Healthcare

UH garnered 284 votes and 28.5% of respondents selecting it among their Top 3. This one was a late entry and several people listed it under “Other”. Several others felt that it fell under Economic Inequality. In future activities, I’m sure it will rise in the polls.

3. Climate Change/Environmental Justice

This one got 343 votes with 34.4% of respondents selecting it with on of their three choices. Originally, it was only Environmental Justice. Then Twitter beat me up pretty bad- rightfully. I added Climate Change the first day.

2. Economic Inequality

This was nearly a tie with Climate Change/Environmental Justice. Economic Inequality collected 347 votes with 34.8% of respondents making it one of their choices to edge out Climate Change. This is the impact Occupy and Bernie has had on our discourse. Really happy it is still important to all of us.

1. Money Out of Politics

No surprise here and it won handily. Money out of Politics received a whopping 469 votes with 47% of respondents choosing this among their Top 3. This is the one that fixes everything for a lot of people. It is a major piece of the puzzle


We had a few stunners on this poll. The main one being Immigration Policy. This choice only got 12 votes with only 1.2% of respondents selecting this issue among their Top 3. That was absolutely stunning to me. I hope to dig in more in future polling. The second shock was Gun Control. Even though it was a late entry, I expected more attention on this one. Gun Control received a total of 17 votes with only 1.7 percent of people choosing it. The third and final shocker were Separation of Church and State. That only got 34 votes. Only 3.4% of voters selected it.

I guess you damn Lefties don’t hate guns or Jesus as much as the Right would have us believe. Would love to dig deeper there in the future, too.

Here are 10-6 for the curious among us:

10. Tax the Rich (92 Votes)
9. Clean Elections (106 votes)
8. Free Universal Education- K through College (134 votes)
7. Poverty (142 votes)
6. Social Justice/Equity/Equality (Race, Gender, LGBTQ, Creed, etc) (168 votes)

Writer’s Note

This is my first time doing anything like this for our fledgling think tank for regular people- Tank~ish. I think it went pretty well. If you have experience and are interested in helping with future polls, please let me know in the contact form below.


The Top 5 are all solid issues that impact all other issues. These may be where we should concentrate our energies. If you are looking to join the fight, take a look at the Top 5. If you are in the fight elsewhere, see how the Top 5 impact your goals and try to build coalitions that can fight and win.

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Written by Michael Graham

Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Social Justice Warrior. City by birth, Country by default. Follow Michael on Twitter @BLUpfront.

Michael Graham is a Senior Writer for Progressive Army.

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[Survey Results] The “Progress” In Progressive